• October 18th, 2018
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The wretched of African imperialism


In a wake of intellectual independence from the morose of imperialism, African minds consciously comes into grips with self-reality by deliberately re-imagining the tyranny of what the colonial situation has created for them, and in so doing the forces of colonialism are instantly inverted and the new force comes into being. The force that is opposed to the status quo, the force that disturbs the thesis of colonialism and creates its antithesis, the decolonization of what Frantz Omar Fanon refers to as “colonized species” and their colonial environments. Decolonization is a social revolutionary process which involves the total rejection of the colonialist mindset and norms in order to achieve an absolute intellectually independent society. This is an unsafe revolt toward the oppressor for the total benefit of the oppressed. Decolonization is the act of reawakening the oppressed soul from the tyranny of the oppressor, in other words; to remind the colonized species that the dominant position of the oppressor is not to be understood as a natural one but rather as a social one and therefore it can be changed by means of a social revolution. The destruction of the social fabric (colonial customs) in which all the colonial institutions, perceptions and the Eurocentric myths are embroiled in order to create an entirely new fabric in which the meaning and order of things are upon African principles should indeed be fashionable. Decolonization cares less with the position of the oppressor in the aftermath of the revolution, it is biased toward the oppressed and critical of the oppressor. Decolonization is an intellectual, spiritual and philosophical rebellion of the oppressed toward the oppressor, and in the process of decolonization, the colonial species has no tangible role, for the process is about challenging the colonial situation in an absolute and radical manner. The religious, political, educational and all social institutions of the oppressor are up to critical scrutiny with the aim not to renovate but to build entirely new black institutions, the very cultural institutions which were undermined by the forces of colonialism during the colonial Africa. This is where any foreign language and its alphabets, any social and physical structure such as statues, building architecture, the design of toys (the depiction of their white skins and blonde hair resembling only one race, notoriously the colonial race), the use and the design of languages, reason and logic in academic discourse, the definition and the interpretation of fashion clothing should come into critical scrutiny. The linguistical decay that all the official languages in Africa are foreign must be scrutinized before it is presented to the colonist as “junk”. In decolonization, everything perceived to be correct in any colonial sense should be re-corrected just to make sure it is correct in a new sense which speaks frankly to the colonized species. Decolonizing all the western theories that Africans use to understand themselves and the world they live in should be rejected – this can help to create and put to use their own African theories to understand their world and themselves better in their own way, when one is defined in a foreign language, all one’s native definitions disappear and that one is only subjected to a foreigner’s anecdote. A foreign culture can never be used to build Africa without destroying African cultures particularly in a colonial manner. The colonial species’ discovery and the understanding that there is oxygen in existence should make sense by all means necessary and be understood by both the colonial and colonized species and not via a forced curriculum. Decolonization of the colonial health institutions seeks to understand the notion why the colonized species’ medicinal ways were rejected by all means by the foreign species. Was it rejected due to its efficacy in treatment or due to ignorance based on the perceived superiority of Eurocentric views? Why the colonized species did not dominate discourses in physics, chemistry, biology, politics and geography in their own way awakens African minds into a state of social revolution for their creativity were dehumanized. Africans through the processes of distillation, fermentation and filtration produced their own traditional drinks and foods but the social domination of the colonial species made sure that their creativity remained inferior to foreign species’. African medicinal systems existed but due to social stratification the social status of African people socially undermined their creativity. Most of the African languages do not have their own alphabetic systems; they use the English alphabetical version which is limited to 25 symbols. This sometimes is not enough to express the purity of African traditional lexicons, the syntax and the non-verbal semantics. African linguistic systems are totally fucked up. Decolonization calls for the independent social systems and institutions by delinking the colonized species’ school of thoughts from the west colony. So apparent is the colonial signature in the colonized species’ mind, it’s apparently socially acceptable for the colonial species to have its maximum length of natural hairs hanging visibly on its head or even to put up its hairs for sale but the same racial stratification theory postulates a long-haired colonized species as either an ugly thief or a notorious drug dealer. The Christian tradition which is colonial teaches the colonized species to the way which discourages them to have long hair. Those in disagreement should tell us where they have seen a black pastor with dreadlocks or why African traditional attires are not allowed in churches except at weddings and funerals while military personnel are allowed to get married in their ceremonial attires? The social stratification system created by a colonial species discredits traditional authorities, making them less legitimate than the foreign courts of law. The colonized species is sent to a higher institution to study law, after graduation is a legal practitioner, while the colonized species is trained to see its traditional courts and legal customs as inferior to the one he/she studied at university. In other terms, for a colonized species the knowledge at varsity is taught upon their own inferiority – this confuses them into believing that the oppressor’s version of knowledge is better than their ancestor’s own. Decolonization calls for the colonized species to come to their own wisdoms by totally rejecting the colonial norms and find an alternate solution which shall be independent. Colonization is the means of seeing the colonial species and their institutions as symbols of truth, justice, morality, purity and virginity while decolonization is the direct opposite of colonialism. In a dawn of supreme consciousness and African wisdom all shall be seen is Africans independent of their own thinking and living. Shivute Kaapanda Eyanda village
2017-05-19 11:41:18 1 years ago
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