• October 24th, 2018
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The Dome begging for International Africa Cup

Carlos Kambaekwa Windhoek-Namibia junior men’s inline hockey side will open their assault in the first match of the Africa Cup tournament at the Dome in Swakopmund tomorrow at 15h30. The first ever Federation of International Roller Sports (FIRS) to be hosted on Namibian soil has attracted teams from South Africa, Brazil and Germany, who have all confirmed their participation in the five-day gathering. Namibia has in the past hosted the Intercontinental Cup against Brazil in December 2008. Nevertheless, Namibian teams (both ladies and men) have participated internationally at several International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and FIRS World Championships. The eight teams to compete in the Africa Cup include Dare Devils – a local team made up of national players, that has represented the country in the past (i.e. old national team squad members). Moose Knuckles – from South Africa, which had a player each from Brazil and Namibia SAS Bluebirds – a mixed team of Norwegians, Swiss Nationals as well as local ladies and men. Peregrine Falcons – a mixed team made up of Swedish national and former local national players. Taunus Wild Dogs – from Germany with players from the Frankfurt (Taunus) region. Labeda Bulls – a combination team of Canadian, USA, Spanish and Indian nationals, complemented by three local players. Namibian senior men’s team – consisting of players selected at the NIIHA national trials in October last year. Namibian junior men’s team – consisting of players selected at the NIIHA national trials last October. The full fixtures are as follows: Tuesday, May 23 15h30 Nambia Junior Men vs Dare Devils 16h50 SAS Bluebirds vs Peregrine Falcons 18h10 OPENING CEREMONY 19h00 Namibian Senior Men vs Moose Knuckles 20h20 Labeda Bulls vs Taunus Wild Hogs Wednesday, May 24 16h30 Namibian JM vs Peregrine Falcons 17h50 SAS Bluebirds vs Dare Devils 19h10 Namibian SM vs Taunus Wild Hogs 20h30 Labeda Bulls vs Moose Knuckles Thursday, May 25 16h30 Namibian JM vs SAS Bluebirds 17h50 Peregrine Falcons vs Dare Devils 19h10 Namibian SM vs Labeda Bulls 20h20 Taunus Wild Hogs vs Moose Knuckles Friday, May 26 16h00 Seed 1 (Pool A) vs Seed 4 (Pool B) 17h20 Seed 2 (Pool B) vs Seed 3 (Pool A) 18h40 Seed 1 (Pool B) vs Seed 4 (Pool A) 17h20 Seed 2 (Pool A) vs Seed 3 (Pool B) Saturday, May 27 08h00 Loser Game 13 vs Loser Game 14 09h20 Loser Game 15 vs Loser Game 16 10h40 Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14 12h00 Winner Game 15 vs Winner Game 16 15h40 Loser Game 17 vs Loser Game 18 16h20 Winner Game 17 vs Winner Game 18 17h40 Loser Game 19 vs Loser Game 20 19h00 Winner Game 19 vs Winner Game 20 - Final 21h00 Prize-giving ceremony and Red Bull after-party
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