• October 18th, 2018
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Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation

Query: Minister of Higher Education, please come and investigate the staff at Gobabis Vocational Training Centre.  The offices are always empty and even the phones are never answered. They must rather stay at home if they don’t want to work so that other dedicated people can be employed. Response:  The operating hours for the Gobabis VTC are from 08:00 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays.  Telephone lines at the Gobabis VTC were struck by lightning about three weeks ago and were only repaired last week.  The Ministry and NTA encourages the reader to approach the Centre Manager, Ms Sarah Pieters at 062-565 002, or via e-mail at cm@omaheke.cosdef.org.na. The NTA apologises for any inconvenience in this regard. Query: Minister of Higher Education, why is it that the NTA is paying instructors a meager N$4 500-00 per month?  But, they want them to provide quality education?  They request money for salary adjustment, but they will not use it for that. This will affect the students who are paying their money for their future.  Poor pay equals poor service delivery! Response: The Ministry welcomes the reader’s query.  However, the claim made by the reader is devoid of all truth.  The NTA offers market-related remuneration to instructors/trainers in its employ. Query: Minister of Higher Education and NTA, please hear our cries! We, the students at DAPP Vocational Training School have a big problem. How can only two instructors work from Level 1 to 3, with another two taking care of Level 3? Response: The DAPP Vocational School (Outapi, Omusati) is a private training institution, registered with the NTA. Staffing requirements are indeed considered in the registration process to ensure delivery of quality training. The NTA will liaise with the institution to confirm compliance with requirements pertaining to staffing and related capacities. • Ms Helena Udjombala, Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, E-mail Address: Public.Relations@mheti.gov.na  
2017-05-23 10:51:21 1 years ago
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