• September 18th, 2018
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Omuthiya to embark on cleaning campaign

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-The Omuthiya Town Council in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism will embark on a cleaning campaign on Friday when community members will have a chance of walking away with monetary vouchers for participating in the clean-up. According to the environmental health officer at the town, Hileni Ndinomuwa, this is not the first time the town council has embarked on such a campaign to rid the town of its dirt. She said that in the general absence of clean-up campaigns the council makes provision for periodical community meetings and door-to-door visits to educate residents on how to keep the environment clean. “The community is urged to participate in this campaign as there are some prizes to be won afterwards. This will include vouchers of N$150 and N$350 to be won through the competition to be hosted, so everyone is required to meet at the town council premises at 07:30 where they will need to collect plastic bags, gloves and masks,” said Ndinomuwa. Meanwhile, some residents who New Era spoke to indicated they do not have dustbins at their residential areas, a claim which was dismissed by Ndinomuwa, who said her office has not received any such complaints. “I don’t have a dustbin and use plastic bags which I buy on my own, despite having already paid for the bin. But whenever I inquire I am informed the town council does not have the stock,” stated a source that requested anonymity. “Council provides a rubbish bin to each household for a fee of N$450 which gets deducted once or over a period of 12 months depending on the payment arrangement, and this includes new home owners, so such complaint has not been raised with my office,” said Ndinomuwa. “In addition we have two health promoters who provide this information most of the times. Next week we will have week-long public consultations with various stakeholders to share their inputs too,” said Ndinomuwa.
2017-05-24 10:57:33 1 years ago
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