• October 18th, 2018
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Oshana implements several capital projects


Nuusita Ashipala Oshakati-The Governor of Oshana Region Clemens Kashuupulwa has expressed content with the implementation of developmental projects during the 2016/17 financial year. He said that during the year in review the region had ensured that crucial infrastructural development projects were successfully implemented, while efforts were intensified to fast-track the development of ongoing projects. The regional council was allocated N$700 million. According to him the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture successfully completed its construction and rehabilitation projects. Altogether 59 classrooms were renovated at 14 schools, while 15 classrooms were constructed at six schools. Three bachelor flats were constructed while septic tanks and 10 pit latrines were installed at four schools. The Ondangwa Town Council was also singled out as one of the local authorities that implemented its capital projects. Currently the council is conducting a feasibility study for the construction of the Ondangwa sports stadium for N$1 million. Progress was noted at the Oshakati Town Council, which was able to complete all its infrastructural projects rolled over from the 2015/16 financial year. In addition, 230 sanitation toilets were due to be constructed in the rural areas in the region, however only 78 toilets have been completed because the region was flooded. A total of 2 618 permanent jobs and 2 155 temporary posts were created in the region through various sectors. In terms of enterprise development, 602 businesses were formally registered by the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development. The ministry has also provided equipment worth N$24 million since its inception in 2009, benefiting 306 businesses. The Development Bank of Namibia availed N$168 million to advance business finance growth. About 13 drop irrigation gardening projects were created to improve food security and livelihood for the poor rural community through the SCORE project. The office of the regional governor through the Regional Governor Endorsement Fund financed 19 income-generating projects. “All the 19 projects are operational and created 125 permanent employment opportunities in the region,” said Kashuupulwa. While tremendous progress has been noted in various sectors, the governor expressed concern over the slow implementation of some projects. One such project is the development of Uukwangula and Eheke settlements. New Era understands that although the Ministry of Rural and Urban Development had last year allocated N$3 million and N$2 million, the figures were later cut down to N$2 million and N$1.5 million, however the regional council got none of that. The veterinary clinic office and accommodation project is also moving at a snail’s pace. Although N$28 million was allocated during the past two financial years, there is no progress on the ground, Kashuupulwa said.
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