• October 21st, 2018
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Farmers Associations and other news

MET offices delay issuing hunting permits Even though the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) already sent a letter to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) on April 20 with regard to the opening of the hunting season and issuing of permits in the regions, the regional offices of MET are not yet authorised to issue hunting permits as the hunting season is not yet published in the Government Gazette. The NAU has objected strongly to this oversight in a letter to the minister. NAU president on National Planning Commission The minister in charge of the National Planning Commission, Tom Alweendo introduced the 17 planning commissioners of the National Planning Commission to the media last week. This commission will look at the social and economic development of the country for the next three years. The commissioners comprise of representatives from various ministries and organisations and the president of the NAU, Ryno van der Merwe has also been appointed on the commission. The aims of this commission are to : identify Namibia’s socio-economic development priorities, formulate short-, medium- and long term national development plans in cooperation with regional councils, develop monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure effective implementation of the national development plans, evaluate the effectiveness of Government’s socio-economic policies, coordinate the development of Government’s socio-economic policies to ensure consistency, and mobilise, manage and coordinate international development cooperation. Kalkfeld FA is hosting an Agri Mega Day on June 7 at Farm Klein Otjikango Ost of G & C Kahl/Ekundi Farming on the M63. The programme start at 07:30 with a breakfast and from 13:00-16:00 a demonstration of machinery and equipment will be given. The theme is “Economic and practical aspects around the use of invader bush” and the guest speaker is Roelie Venter. Registration is N$150 per person which includes the lunch. More information is available at Tel 081 3898552, kalkfeld@hotmail.com. Grootfontein FA is hosting an open day on June 10 at 16:00 at the FA hall. Meatco will address the meeting about alternative crop production for supplying the feed needs to Meatco feedlots and Bertus Kruger will talk about rangeland management. The day will conclude with a steak braai. For further details and to register contact Willem Enslin, Tel 081 2305078 or Ria Fourie, Tel 081 2960052. The Damara Sheep Breeders Association is offering a Junior and Senior course from July 3-5 at Namboer Windhoek. The costs are N$450 per person which includes refreshments and the course material. Registration will take place at Namboer Windhoek at 09:00. For further details contact Linda Sterkenburg, Tel 061-252994, btgn@afol.com.na. Braunvieh Namibia Breeders Association with Martin Seyfferdt is offering a judging/selection course on July 4 & 5 at Farm Devonby from Junior Versfeld in the Gobabis district. The entry form can be found at the website www.braunviehnamibia.com or you can contact Henriëtte le Grange at the office at Tel 081 1249670, hh@iway.na. The Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA) is holding their Annual General Meeting and Expo on August 11 at the Otjiwa Lodge, 35km from Otjiwarongo. For further details contact Roelien Coffee, Tel 067-304220, roelien.coffee@ncanamibia.com. Steinhausen FA is holding an Inter FA sports day on August 26 at 07:00 at Farm Steinhausen. Entrance fee for a team of eight people is N$300. Registration is N$50 per person and children under the age of 12 years pay N$20. For further details contact Monika Rumpf, Tel 062 561423, 081 3331113.
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