• October 19th, 2018
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Nujoma advocates for global peace


Helvy Shaanika Ongwediva Founding President Sam Nujoma has appealed to Namibians to render political, diplomatic and material support to other nations battling to establish peace and stability. He made this call at the 57th Anniversary of Swapo Party in Okahao last Sunday. Nujoma said in the days of the liberation struggle Swapo gained allies from all over the world and such friendship helped Namibia to achieve her independence. Nujoma also said Namibia should continue to work together with all peace loving nations of the world, through the United Nations and other multilateral agencies, to promote the maintenance of world peace and security and to ensure all humankind live in peace without the threat of war. During the event, Nujoma also paid tribute to a number of Namibian fallen heroes who died before and after independence, among them Tobias Hainyeko, Peter Nanyemba, Jason Hamutenya Ndadi Wanehepo, Greenwell Matongo, Anton Lubowski, Immanuel Shifidi, Moses Garoeb, Peter Mweshihange, Patrick Iyambo Lungada, Axel Johannes, Johny ya Otto and Eliaser Tuhadeleni Kaxumba ka Ndola. “Against this background, our youth should always pay tribute and respect the tested and outstanding gallant PLAN commanders, political commissars and combatants who fought for the freedom and genuine independence that we enjoy today in Namibia. Some died during the Old Location Massacre in 1959, while others died at the battle of Omugulu-Gwombashe and at other battles in foreign lands,” said Nujoma. He reiterated the achievement of independence was only a critical point of departure but not the destination and political freedom will remain meaningless unless it is accompanied by genuine economic independence. He thus urged the youth to become active participants in the socio-economic development in order to move the country to an advanced level of development and to eradicate poverty, diseases, ignorance and under-development. Nujoma said the Swapo-led government has made tangible successes over the past 27 years by implementing various projects such as the development of physical and communication infrastructures as well as the provision of potable water, rural electrification and many other services in all the 14 regions. “These basic services and amenities were long denied to our people by the white minority colonial apartheid regime of South Africa. Education and training remain critical to our youth who are the future leaders of our country.” “I therefore would like to encourage our youth to study mathematics and science subjects so that they can become agriculturalists, medical doctors, engineers, geologists, architects, marine biologists, economists and scientists who will be able to implement Vision 2030,” he said. Nujoma thus called upon Swapo members to re-dedicate themselves to the ideals of national unity and patriotism in order defend the hard-won freedom and independence.
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