• October 17th, 2018
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Wrangler celebrates ‘World Jeep Topless Day’


Donna Collins Going topless is great fun, especially if you are in a Jeep Wrangler driving through the Namib Desert – as everyone who has enjoyed this experience, will agree. To celebrate the sense of freedom that goes along with this hair in the wind encounter, the Jeep Club Namibia, pulled out all the stops with a gathering of some of the coolest Wranglers in the country to celebrate ‘World Jeep Topless Day’ held on 20 May. This was a first for Namibia, and as usual the leader of the pack, was all out Jeep ‘guru’ Werner Schaap, a dune driving maestro from Swakopmund who started the popular ‘Battle of the Dunes’ series three years ago. Schaap is as comfortable behind the wheel of his ‘pimped’ Wrangler negotiating hair raising sand dunes, as he is sitting on his sofa in the lounge, and he led the brigade for a day of fun in the sun – topless of course. He organised a gathering of about 23 Wrangler owners and their partners, who lined up at the modern recently built M&Z showroom in Swakopmund. Here the guys and girls compared bumpers, grilles, snorkels, fat ‘takkies’ plus all other types of accessories and stickers you can style a Wrangler with, before setting off for the day. A traffic escort led the procession through town to add to the excitement and then onto Vierkantklip, where the guys adjusted their tyre pressures, checked their cooler boxes, and ventured out for a day of topless driving through the desert. Actually, the scenic drive was along the shoreline towards Walvis Bay, where the convoy drove onto Dune 7, to test the dune climbing skills of some of the more brazen ‘dudes’ who don’t know the meaning of the word ‘gravity.’ Schaap told Woema that the Jeep Club Namibia has attracted a growing number of members since it started about 18 months ago, and that due to the popularity of the Wrangler, these types of outings and excursions are becoming a great way for Jeep fans to get together. He said that Windhoek also hosted a ‘World Jeep Topless Day’, organised by some of the club members. In total 40 Jeeps participated in a 4x4 family excursion through mountainous terrain. Added to this, in Gauteng 480 Jeeps gathered for this worldwide Jeep Topless Day celebration.
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