• October 19th, 2018
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Star of the Week: Cynthea Martin-Haihambo


Our Star of the Week is businesswoman Cynthea Martin-Haihambo, who last week shared her trying story about being the sole survivor in a horrific car accident that killed four people some 16 years ago. Martin-Haihambo spent three months in an intensive care unit and then about three years in a wheelchair. At the time she registered for a distance master’s course programme in employee assistance through a university in Cape Town. She attended her course on a wheelchair and crutches. She is now a flourishing businesswoman and has various businesses and projects under her name. She owns Greiters conference centre, Hebhiziba Rehabilitation Centre for recovering alcoholics and drug abusers and recently reopened the Arandis garment factory, which employs 400 people. She also owns a 3.8-megawatt solar plant at Arandis and a 5-megawatt plant under construction in Tsumeb. Martin-Haihambo said she bases her life on the four Ps – praying, perseverance, passion (to start projects to assist others) and the law of possibilities. “Whatever you are going through tonight you need to refuse to accept it. You can’t stay in the same circumstance forever. You need to renew your mind and and move forward,” said the strong-willed Martin-Haihambo.
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