• October 21st, 2018
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Agriculture central to NDP5 strategy

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The agricultural sector has been identified as one of the strategic sectors to accomplish economic growth, one of the four pillars in the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5). The reason is that a third of the Namibian work force is directly or indirectly involved in the agricultural sector. It is expected from the agricultural sector to increase production so as to be less dependent on imports. The strategies to reach this include, inter alia, guidance to small scale farmers, mechanising agricultural production, expanding the Green Schemes, obtaining land for re-settlement and supporting small scale farmers with infrastructure and access to markets. Through the NDP5 period government will also strive to increase the local demand for agricultural products by supporting local purchases, as well as to benefit local productcers through tender procedures.
2017-06-06 12:09:37 1 years ago
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