• October 24th, 2018
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Kunene should focus on development

Lot Shikongo Opuwo-Governor of Kunene Region Angelika Muharukua has indicated she does not support the motion that Kunene should be demarcated into two regions and feels the region should for now concentrate on development. According to her, those pushing for the north-western region to be split in two are basing their arguments on tribal considerations. “There is no need to divide our region into two now, because of our small population,” she reasoned. Muharukua noted that instead of fighting for the region to be split in two people must concentrate on bringing investors to the region so that it develops. “Our money meant for our region’s development must not go back to other regions, we must fight for development,” she emphasised. It is reported that some sections of the Kunene Region want to divide the region in two, with Kunene north - mainly populated by Ovahimba people and hosting Opuwo town - and Kunene south, with a large population of Damara-speaking people and towns such as Outjo, Khorixas and Kamanjab Village. Muharukua made the remarks recently during the launch of the Kunene Local Authority Forum in Opuwo, the regional capital. The forum aims to foster a lasting relationship between local authorities in the region. Kunene’s main towns Opuwo, Outjo and Khorixas, as well as the Village Council of Kamanjab, the Office of the Governor, the settlements of Okanguati and Sesfontein and all constituency councillors also forms part of the forum. The forum, the second to be established in the country after the one in Erongo, will also provide an ideal platform for interaction, so as to enhance local economic development and environmental sustainability through expertise exchanges. Opuwo Town Mayor Albert Tjiuma was elected as the first chairperson of the forum. * Lot Shikongo is a regional head of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Kunene Region.
2017-06-06 11:34:21 1 years ago
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