• September 18th, 2018
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Kamati continues to inspire northern learners

Pinehas Nakaziko Onyaanya-Student leader and youth activist Abraham Vincent Kamati, a student at the University of Namibia’s Hifikepunye Pohamba campus continues to contribute to learners’ lives through an outreach programme he initiated earlier this year. The programme was set in motion to motivate learners to focus on their schoolwork. Last Friday Kamati visited his former school, Uukule Senior Secondary in Onyaanya Constituency in Oshikoto Region, at the invitation of the school principal to address learners as the second term of the school-year commenced. Kamati, who served in the leadership of the school as secretary of the learners’ representative council, implored the learners not to be lazy and to pay attention to their books. He further advised them to abstain from drugs, alcohol and sex. Learners were reminded that education is important and that they need to be highly committed to become achievers in life. “You must take your education seriously to avoid getting involved in illicit behaviour. Knowledge, critical thinking are the key imperatives in the collective endeavour to build an inclusive and prosperous Namibia. Through hard work all of you will excel,” Kamati told the students. He also encouraged them to emulate the good example of those who passed their examinations with flying colours and said they should be disciplined and always respect their teachers. “It is my first time coming to this school since I completed my secondary education some years ago. I am very much happy being here with teachers, who were my teachers as well,” he noted. Teacher Martin Olembe Antindi, who introduced the speaker, said Kamati had been a committed learner at the school and had been an active member of the school, whose achievements should be emulated. “Kamati is one of the youth activists we have in Namibia. He is involved in youth affairs and has also contributed to the youth wellbeing,” Olembe noted. During his speech, a Grade 12 learner from the school indicated that the outreach programme had helped them stay focused. “His words really touched me. I’m sure from today on I will change my tactics and make sure I succeed,” she said.
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