• October 18th, 2018
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Death threats made against key treason witness

Maria Amakali Windhoek-One of the State’s key witnesses who testified in the Caprivi treason trial that went on for almost thirteen years in court, now lives in fear following alleged threats from family members of one of the acquitted persons. Christopher Siboli said that since the release of Rodwell Kasika Mukendwa who was acquitted of high treason in August 2012, he has been living in fear. Siboli informed New Era that the past week the threats became so amplified he had to open a case with the police. According to Siboli, who resides approximately 500m away from the Mukendwa homestead at Libula village in Zambezi Region, in May he was at a family meeting when Harriet Mukendwa, the sister to Rodwell Mukendwa, showed up at the meeting with bad intentions with an axe. “If it were not for people who were present, she would have chopped me,” narrated Siboli. “Harriet Mukendwa was screaming and hurling insults at me, stating that I was the reason why one of his brothers died (due to liver failure) and why his brother Rodwell had to be behind bars all these years,” stated Siboli. He allegedly reported the matter to the village council and they were all summoned (Rodwell was also in attendance) the past weekend but the family continued to make threats against Siboli who now fears for his life. “They were asking why was I still breathing and further informed me they will do whatever is needed to be done to ensure I am dead,” explained Siboli. During the lawsuit hearing in the high court last month, the former deputy prosecutor general Taswald July informed the court that Liboli’s statement was a crucial one to their prosecution. According to him the statement incriminated Mukendwa. It is alleged Mukendwa attended secret meetings held at exiled politician Mishake Muyongo’s house in 1998 with the intent to discuss the secession of Caprivi, and his vehicle was amongst those that transported military weapons at the time. case of assault under CR-30/06/2017 has been opened with the police and Harriet Mukendwa was arrested last week on Thursday.
2017-06-12 10:29:52 1 years ago
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