• November 19th, 2018
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FNB Whiskey Festival ignites new flavours


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-The much-anticipated FNB Whisky Festival promises to be a night of boozing on good single malts and some fine wines. The two-day festival is slated for 14 and 15 July at the Windhoek Country Club. There would be high-end whiskies to select from starting from Jack Daniels, Chivas Regal, Jameson, and Johnny Walker, accompanied by puffs from Cuban cigars. There would also be an Amarula lounge, as well as a coffee bar for those not inclined to indulge in intoxicating waters. For the lovers of bubbly there would be the Moët and Chandon who would be refilling the flutes with champagne the entire night. The festival will be an exclusive event for not only whisky connoisseurs, but also for the novices who would have an opportunity to sample some of the finest whiskies one can find in the capital. FNB’s Dixon Norval says the purpose of the two day festival is to create a platform where the country’s most passionate whisky lovers can participate in a tasting experiences they would normally not have access to. “The festival is poised to be as distinct and special as the beverage itself, and we hope to attract the bold, young adventurous and mature connoisseur – because Whisky is known to be a mature and aged in flavour luxury enjoyed by many patrons with good taste,” says Norval. He adds that their distillery partners are excited about reaching all whisky enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to share their deep passion for their whiskies in a one-on-one atmosphere. FNB also intend on giving to charity and so they would be asking guests to make donations. “We have recently awarded N$150,000 towards the Wild Horses Foundation, through our FNB Foundation Trust. During the Whiskey Festival we will encourage our guests to match this amount by donating towards the Wild Horses Foundation via the FNB Happiness Store App. “The proceeds will be used to fund a more suitable sanctuary for the wild horses that would be close to the Garub area, where they have lived for the last hundred or so years,” he says.
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