• September 21st, 2018
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Oshakati road rehabilitation almost complete


Helvy Shaanika Ongwediva-Efforts to rehabilitate Kwame Nkuruma and Immanuel Shifidi roads in Oshakati are almost complete, according to the chief executive officer of Oshakati, Werner Iita. The road rehabilitation started on June 30, 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of this month. The road currently stands at 90 percent completion with minor construction of speed humps, road signs, and interlocked paved walkways currently being constructed. Oshakati Town Council announced in September 2016 the rehabilitation of the Kwame Nkuruma and Immanuel Shifidi roads, which are being rehabilitated by Chinese-owned company Zhong Mei Engineering Group at a cost of N$ 24.1 million. Iita said the 4.5 km road is located alongside established developments, such as houses and other structures within the town’s environs, hence road users were urged to adhere to the warning signs erected by the contractors, who are still on site to do the final touch-ups. Furthermore, council spent N$700,000 on the construction of storm water channels at Ekuku Township. During the rainy season earlier this year, six houses at Ekuku area were flooded, causing damage to household furniture and some families were displaced as a result. This was due to the lack of culverts and other channels to drain away water from the newly established suburb. “Council has taken up this issue to ensure that the problem does not occur any longer. In doing so, Council appointed Nexus Group, as they are the contractors who were already on site constructing the roads at Ekuku,” explained Iita. He added that the tender specifications entailed the construction of stormwater channels and culverts across roads to divert the water from the residential area into the oshana. Iita said at least 80 percent of the project - which started in March - was already completed and full completion of the project was expected by the end of August. “The aim is to ensure that the project is completed before the next rainy season,” Iita said.
2017-06-21 12:34:29 1 years ago
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