• October 17th, 2018
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Air Namibia appeals for public support

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The national airline has called for public support, saying it operates in a highly competitive market and space where the consumers of air travel are well educated in the high-end market. “We call upon the Namibian nation to support the national airline, as the preferred carrier to facilitate their air transport services,” said general manager of flight operations Capt William Ekandjo at the commemoration of the International Cabin Crew Day in Windhoek on Friday, June 16. The day is commemorated annually on May 31 and gives recognition to the role of cabin crews, which goes beyond being a pretty face and friendly smile. This year’s event was celebrated under the theme, ‘Honouring our cabin crew with a social sense’. As part of the day event, the national airline cabin crew held a charity drive at Megameno Orphanage Home in Katutura. The crew spent the morning hours playing with the children, cleaning the orphanage home and later ended the day by treating the children with a delightful meal. The crew also donated food items and clothing. “By supporting local service providers, we are demonstrating territorial pride and adding value to the national flag. Respecting the values of territorial integrity and national loyalty falls on us all,” said Ekandjo. “Our consumers are shopping around for service providers, and they have two key indicators which drive their buying and commercial decisions, and these are: service, first and then cost,” he explained. Ekandjo paid tribute to the cabin crew members, saying “as brand ambassadors [they] provide excellent customer service whilst ensuring that passengers’ safety and convenience are attended to throughout the flight. We appreciate your immense contribution, being the face of the airline and safety officers, as well.” Guest speaker at the event was Hendrina Munyika, a former cabin controller and currently the head of department in the Faculty of Business Administration at the International University of Management (IUM). Describing the importance of the International Cabin Crew Day, Munyika said: “We celebrate the men and women who conquer the great skies with thousand smiles, prayerful hearts, and courage of million soldiers as they journey from place to place with care for total strangers, while placing the care of their loved ones the hands of others.” She concluded with encouraging words: “Your flight is destined for greatness, success and fulfilment in everything you do. Remember, to achieve success you need to love what you are doing.” The event concluded with an awards ceremony for outstanding cabin crew members. The Cabin Crew Member of the Year is Abraham Swartbooi. Herman Araeb came in second place and Julio Gustavo third.
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