• September 21st, 2018
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Funds dry up for Oshikoto projects


Obrein Simasikiu Ashihaya-The Directorate of Education in Oshikoto Region faces an insurmountable challenge that has its origins in cross-cutting budget cuts that have resulted in capital projects stalling in the region because of the budgetary constraints facing many facets of government. According to the director of education Lameck Kafidi, the region’s budget was cut by N$21 million last year, which this year has left many projects in limbo. “When the ministry reduced our budget it did so while people were still on site of some projects, which left a gap in between when it came to paying and completing such projects. So this means that this year we had to honour that gap and pay the contractors or complete the projects, which were already undertaken, and leaving us with zero. “With the zero balance it means there will be no capital projects to be undertaken because there is no money for such, unless if something will be done urgently, as from the look of things the situation is bad,” explained Kafidi when queried regarding the lack of hostel facilities in the region. “This is the general situation in the region, so that where we are now, there is no hope with government for things to be better. Concerted efforts are needed to harness the situation, and especially the business community should come on board,” he told New Era on the sidelines of an official handing over of the ablution block at Ashihaya Primary School. Ashihaya is one of the schools affected regarding lack of infrastructure and learners still attend class in corrugated-zinc structures.
2017-06-23 11:10:17 1 years ago
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