• September 22nd, 2018
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The sky is the limit for DJ Seboa


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-Young, energetic and vibrant local female DJ Abigail Felicia Rietz, known as DJ Seboa, is no stranger to the deck. Those who have witnessed her spinning the disc at the newly opened Funky Lab at Maerua Mall every weekend cannot help but see her as the next big thing on the disc spinning circuit. DJ Seboa started her djaying career last year at the Copper Festival in Tsumeb when she toured with different DJs. “I asked one of the DJs to show me how it’s done. I started learning and got the drift of it, and it seemed quite easy at the time,” says DJ Seboa. Initially she meant it as something to do for fun, until she realised that female DJs are actually in demand in the country. She got the name Seboa from her friends when she was young because she had fat cheeks, and she decided to keep it as many people only know her as Seboa. Her first gig did not the way she would have wished, but she always has people behind her, who never give up on encouraging her. “That is what drives me to the next level in terms of being a DJ. I promised myself I would make up for that first one, and things just became bigger and better. “Having an opportunity to DJ at Funky Lab is an amazing experience as the café brings people together; people love music and not just music, but good music,” she says. Inspired by DJ Chello, who would always give her the house set; Seboa’s playlist for Funky Lab consists of house, which is the genre she relates to most. “I also have a playlist that includes others genres but my stronghold is house music. I love dancing so you can imagine. I’m doing pretty well for a beginner and I’m super excited to unveil my future projects and collaborations soon.” Apart from being a DJ, Seboa is also a musician and has five songs due for release. Two of her songs have already been released, Deeper featuring DJ Bobs and Just the 2 of Us featuring DJ KFC. Born in Windhoek, Seboa says her childhood was the best and having food on her table and shelter provided her with the happiest moments of her life. “My type of food is simple; the way I dress is simple and I am easy to get along with. I have a musical background,” She says. Having been in several choirs since her childhood, she also had guitar classes at the College of the Arts (COTA). “I then tried piano, and singing was an everyday thing. I always wanted to be part of the entertainment industry, but I was just not sure which talent to grab to start this journey.” Her most successful gig was at a Lüderitz, during the Crayfish Festival this year. In the next five years, Seboa sees herself as a creator of universe records. “I believe in five years’ time I will no longer have to wake up to be on time at the office and will just totally focus on my music career,” she says. Her future plans include releasing more singles; an album and to dance to her own rhythm.
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