• September 20th, 2018
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Youth parliament for Omuthiya

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-The youth in Omuthiya have come together to establish a youth parliament, which will serve as a platform where the youth can share developmental ideas and concerns pertaining to their town. They however stated this group should not be perceived a political scapegoat, but rather a youth movement with the mandate to nurture and develop young people who can freely and confidently express their views on a variety of issues pertaining the youth. Yesterday the youth launched their first constitutional draft to accord every young person to make an input into the document before it is finalised and came into effect. “Your inputs in this draft document matter because this will be our guiding tool once it becomes into effect. The youth parliament will function according this constitution and everybody will abide to it” stressed youth activist David Uusiku who drafted the constitution. The parliament will see to it that it equips the youth of Omuthiya to procure appropriate and evaluation skills to be able to facilitate and ensure the smooth functioning of debates and presentations. “This platform will be able to clear the air when it comes to social ills affecting the community especially the youth, for example when the youth have specific queries they would like to find out from the local authority or any institution in Omuthiya. “This parliament will facilitate such event to make sure that all the concerned parties are brought together and give clearance to the matter” explained Uusiku. Uusiku feels most of the times people tend to create and believe issues based on ill-informed facts hence this should not be the case as it creates more confusion and tension. In the same vein, the sports officer in the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Services, Nicodemus Amadhila goaded fellow youth saying, “this is our time to make a difference in our society and refuse to be used to people, therefore this platform should be for the youth agendas and not to be used as a political tool to advance ideas of politicians who might want to use us for their own benefit.” He further cautioned those that intend to bring political propaganda at the youth parliament they should desist from doing that. “We are not a political wing here, so we don’t need politics on this platform and we are not doing this with any hidden agendas but just for the interest and sake of the youth to share constructive ideas,” harped on Uusiku.
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