• October 17th, 2018
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Veterans’ UN millions a lie, says Ipinge


Ngaevarue Katjangua Windhoek-Veterans Affairs Permanent Secretary Hopelong Ipinge has dismissed as lies claims by a group calling itself Namibian refugees, who are inviting the country’s war veterans to register themselves to receive millions of dollars supposedly owed them by the United Nations. The money was allegedly meant for Namibia’s war veterans returning to Namibia during the transition period leading to independence, but supposedly never reached its intended recipients. Ipinge said this in a public notice in which he warned veterans of the liberation struggle to be wary of the deceptive information being spread. “The leader of the Namibian refugees went to radio calling on all registered veterans of the liberation struggle to report themselves with their repatriation forms in Ongwediva, Oshana Region as from the 1st of July 2017, to be registered so they can benefit from millions of dollars owed to them as former freedom fighters by the United Nations,” Ipinge, a former ambassador, said. The veterans affairs ministry strongly distanced itself from the unrecognised group issuing the invite, saying “their strange intentions are not in the interest of the Namibian government and the plight of veterans.” The ministry further assured veterans that the rumour of millions of dollars allegedly being kept by the United Nations is unfounded, unrealistic and will remain a rumour. The permanent secretary cautioned all veterans against falling prey to such unfounded information. “Any information that is meant for veterans’ attention is disseminated from the office of the permanent secretary of veterans affairs or the Namibia National Liberation Veterans Association (NNVLA). Please approach these offices in the event unclarified information is received.”
2017-06-26 10:34:59 1 years ago
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