• September 22nd, 2018
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Ashihaya primary to extend curriculum


Obrein Simasiku Ashihaya-Ashihaya Primary School intends to extend its curriculum to Grade 7 next year, although the directorate of education in Oshikoto Region has indicated it does not have the money to pay for an additional teacher. The directorate said the decision lies with the school management whether it will extend the curriculum or not, and if they do extend they should fend for themselves and get own staff. This is according the Okankolo circuit inspector Immanuel Nafine when responding to the request raised by the school principal Victoria Namene-Elago when she briefed Oshikoto Governor Henok Kankoshi on some of the challenges faced by the school. The extension was necessitated by the fact that when learners progress to Grade 7 they walk long distances to reach the next school, which is situated some 10 kilometres away at Ontana. “Knowing the economic downturn experienced in the country, the ministry is unable to pay the new teacher if you happen to extend the curriculum. We are however not against the idea of extending – the decision lies with you. If you go ahead then it means you will have to make a plan on how you are going to cater for such an additional grade,” elaborated Nafine. The school that was established in 2014 goes up to Grade 6 and has 154 learners and six teachers, of whom only two are qualified. Namene-Elago said the school also needs an additional classroom, a fence, a printer and a copier as well as water and electricity connections. “Despite all these challenges, we as the school are doing the best we can to ensure we provide quality education to learners,” stated Namene-Elago. Kankoshi was officially handing over the newly built ablution block constructed through his office and assistance from the business community such as Road House, Oshikango Garage, and Tulimevava fishing company through its Oshikoto Unity Trust. Meanwhile Swapo regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu came to their aid and indicated he will provide a fence and poles for fencing the school, while Matias Amupolo of Road House availed himself to assist where necessary whether in cash or kind.
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