• September 25th, 2018
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Ausiku dissatisfied with budget cut

Kavango West, Front Page News
Kavango West, Front Page News

John Muyamba Nkurenkuru-Kavango West Governor Sirkka Ausiku said she is cognisant of the country’s economic challenges but was disappointed with the budget reduction for the region. The regional budget for Kavango West was slashed from N$346 million to N$157. 3 million for all 44 projects planned for the 2017/2018 financial year. Ausiku, who made the comments during her state of the region address held at Nkurenkuru on Tuesday, said being a new and the poorest region Kavango West expected to receive an allocation commensurate with its poor status. “We expected a bigger allocation. However, with this small allocation we are requesting O/M/As to implement all our programmes and projects on time before the budget review period. I also urge everyone present this morning to commit ourselves to monitor the implementation of these projects and programmes in the region in our respective constituencies, towns and villages.” Under infrastructure development Ausiku reported that during this financial year the Kavango West Regional Council would lobby the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development that construction of the regional government office park commence this year. Furthermore the regional council will also continue with servicing of Katwitwi settlement and start the process of developing Mpungu, Bunya and Katjinakatji into viable settlements by conducting feasibility studies. Ausiku also wants the Ministry of Works and Transport to prioritize the construction of the following feeder roads: D3446 Mayongora, D3445 Bravo/Mpora, D3444 Gava/Tsintsabis, D3406 Nkurenkuru/Nepara and D3425 Sikanduko-Kano Vlei among others criss-crossing the region. “We are also requesting the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to install a water pipeline alongside the national roads as was done with the Mupini to Sikondo water pipeline to cover the whole region due to lack of potable water (clean drinking water) in the region,” she added. Kavango West also wants the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture to continue with the construction of classrooms and ablution facilities, but the region still needs a new fully-fledged secondary school with a hostel to be constructed in Nkurenkuru, as well as a secondary school at Bravo San settlement. “As I reported last year the region is still requesting the Ministry of Health and Social Services to complete the construction of all clinics that have been dragging on for too long, as well as commence with the construction of the Nkurenkuru district hospital,” Ausiku noted. Amongst other future developments, the governor said the Ministry of Safety and Security plans to construct Nkurenkuru Class C police station and renovate existing police facilities. The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service plans to construct a sports stadium and multi-purpose youth resource centre in Nkurenkuru, while the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare would construct a community empowerment centre in the same town. According to Ausiku, during this financial year the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation through NTA plans to construct a vocational training centre, also in Nkurenkuru. “As we all know, technical vocation education skills remain a priority area highlighted in the HPP to realise employment creation, poverty reduction and the development of our country.  In the same vein we are urging Unam and NUST to open campuses in the region,” she stated. “The implementation of National Development Plan Five (NDP5) and the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) will be our top priority in the region,” Ausiku said.
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