• October 17th, 2018
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Judgment date set for babysitter charged with murder


Maria Amakali Windhoek-Judgment in the case in which a babysitter stands accused of murder after the baby in her care died is set to be heard this week following the conclusion of the trial in the Windhoek District Court. Magdalena Narib, 30, is on trial for murder in the death of one-year-old Hope Mbimuii Uhongora. Uhongora died as a result of a slash to his liver on February 22, 2015 while he was in the care of nanny Narib in Khomasdal, Windhoek. Based on the facts contained in the post-mortem report the fatal injury to baby Uhongora’s liver was caused by blunt force trauma, which also resulted in fractures to the ribcage cartilage. Naris who is out on bail of N$2,500 has denied guilt. She said she was not responsible for the injuries that caused the baby’s death. Narib’s defence lawyer Max Lameck, wants his client to be acquitted of the charge as none of the five witnesses who took the stand provided proof that Narib was directly involved in the death of the baby. “The State needed to establish a prima facie case but failed to prove its case as the evidence provided was of poor quality,” explained Lameck during his submissions. The State argues that the circumstantial evidence indicates Narib was the nanny, and the deceased together with two other children were placed in her care, and during that period baby Uhongora sustained injuries, which caused his death. Uhongora’s mother during her testimony informed the court she arrived home after a weekend away and found Uhongora asleep, wrapped in a blanket. She allegedly noticed he had difficulties breathing even though he had no signs of injury to his body. According to her, she gave the deceased Panado syrup. However, his condition deteriorated and they had to rush him to hospital. His heartbeat was weak and he seemed to be dying. Uhongora died immediately after they were referred to Katutura Intermediate Hospital from Windhoek Central Hospital.
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