• September 23rd, 2018
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Local ownership allows for locally relevant decisions – Namsov

World, Business & Finance
World, Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Namsov Fishing, which is a majority-owned Namibian company with a board and management structure that is 90 percent Namibian, says local ownership allows for all operational activities to be controlled from their offices in Walvis Bay. This key point, says Namsov, ensures that business decisions and actions remain relevant to the economy and communities. “With our strategic partnerships, the Namibianisation process in place and expansion of assets, we have crafted our path to success with great care. At the core of our company is a strong principle that the benefit of our operations always ends up in the hands of the Namibian people,” said Gerrie Hough, managing director of Namsov. “This is our celebration to embrace the Namibian dream of growth and prosperity, a company that remains driven to make a strong generational impact and a company that, above all, strives to ensure no Namibian is left behind,” Hough added. “It is our resolve to remain a key player in the development agenda of Namibia through our commercial efforts. There is surely no history that is perfect and no entity that can claim such. However, there is no better time than now to dig our heels in deeper and find ways to evolve and partner together to take our development agenda to the next level.” Namsov Fishing Enterprises, built on the existing marine and commercial legislation, acts and regulations that provided a conducive business environment, now employs 649 people and has investments with an estimated value of N$1.1 billion. “Our role as a responsible, efficient and honest company ensures that Namibians are employed, communities are empowered, and our industry value directly and indirectly benefits those within our ecosystem as a result of our continued existence,” Hough said.
2017-07-18 13:18:02 1 years ago
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