• September 19th, 2018
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Medical outreach benefits rural community

Loide Jason Outapi-A week-long special surgery campaign saw about 30 people being operated on at sessions that took place at Outapi last week. Apart from the special surgery, several other patients had their tonsillitis removed while some men were circumcised. The campaign is led by the Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haufiku. Haufiku said the campaign targets people from rural areas who do not have the means to travel to Oshakati, Windhoek or South Africa for specialised surgery. The campaign is supported by two gynaecologists, two special doctors and a paediatrician. “I am pleased by the strong relations between the doctors. If it continues like this, we will achieve a lot in the health sector,” he said. He said these doctors from private and public hospitals render their services at no cost. “We have chosen Omusati because it is where the need is. Therefore we must prioritise regions with high needs, especially those that cannot afford to get help elsewhere,” said Haufiku. Susan Shipena from Okafitu in Outapi who underwent gynaecological surgery said she is now relieved because she no longer suffers pain. “I am excited that my son is operated on because he has been suffering from tonsils for five years. He is now five years and they are removed. I am very happy and I wish Dr Haufiku a long life,” said Yoolokeni Hamukwaya from Oneleiwa village. The campaign is organised as part of the national medical outreach service, which is committed to bring private and public health sectors together. It further aims to bring specialised services closer to the people through equity and accessibility of health services for all. The outreach is further committed to impart knowledge and instil confidence of doctors serving the public at district facilities during ward round and operations.
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