• September 20th, 2018
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Miss Jan Jonker vows to support fellow learners

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-Miss Jan Jonker Secondary School 2017 Rosalia Hofnie, 16, says she will use her title as the face of the school to support fellow learners who are not capable of helping themselves. Her main focus is mainly to support female learners by providing them with sanitary pads, as that is one of the main challenges affecting young girls when it comes to completing their education. She stressed that some female learners who cannot afford to buy the pads have to skip classes as they are uncomfortable during classes. “I will also help learners who don’t have enough study materials to provide them with some, such as textbooks, in order for them to pass their grades.” Rosalia was crowned last Friday night, pipping 11 other conterstants to the title during a glittery beauty pageant at Eldorado Senior Secondary. “I am overjoyed, being crowned as the face of our school is an exiting experience in my life. It is a positive and encouraging lifetime experience that I will [cherish] for the rest of my life,” an excited Rosalia said. Born and raised in Windhoek – Rosalia currently a 9th grader – developed her passion for modeling in 2011 and has so far participated in more than five pageants. She previously won the titles of Miss Omuaha Street, Miss Freedom Land, and Miss Okuryangava. “I love modeling, because I always dream of becoming a super model. And my dreams came true when I modeled for the first time in 2011,” she says, adding that she also felt the need to express herself in a creative way. “I strongly believe in myself,” she says. In five years’ time Rosalia sees herself working her way up in the modeling industry. She signed off by saying: “I would like to participate in as many beauty pageants as possible and take part in Miss Namibia, as well. Traveling the world and exploring my career in modeling are my priorities.”
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