• September 21st, 2018
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Couple in court for possessing cocaine worth N$2 million

World, Front Page News
World, Front Page News

Maria Amakali Windhoek-A couple accused of possession of cocaine worth N$2 million were denied bail in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Enasi Costa, 46, and her partner Elvis Lubaki, 43, made their first appearance before magistrate Bernadine Kubersky for dealing in cocaine. The prosecution opposed the two being granted bail on the basis that they are a high flight risk and investigations are still at an early stage. The prosecution alleges the duo unlawfully dealt with a dangerous dependence-producing drug, which was found to be cocaine. The prosecution further notes that the duo were found in possession of 4.1kg of cocaine with a street value of N$2 million. Namibian police spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said the two were indeed arrested on Monday following a report by a taxi driver. The male suspect’s vehicle rammed into a taxi on the corner of Daan Viljoen and Otjomuise roads. “After hitting the taxi, he grabbed a bag and tried to flee the scene but the taxi driver caught up with him,” said Kanguatjivi. Upon the police’s arrival a search was conducted and four blocks of cocaine were discovered in the vehicle of the accused, explained Kanguatjivi. The couple’s defence lawyer Leena Shikongo informed the court they would lodge a formal bail application on July 27. If convicted the two face a fine not exceeding N$30,000 or alternatively imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 years if they are first-time offenders. However, should they have been on the wrong side of the law before, they are likely to face jail time of up to 25 years or be fined an amount not exceeding N$50,000. The couple will remain detained at Wanaheda Police Station until their next appearance for their bail hearing.
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