• September 23rd, 2018
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Make-up for Beginners

The purpose of make-up is to enhance the natural beauty of your face by minimising your flaws and accentuating your best features. If you are not familiar with all the technicalities involved in cosmetic application, here is a guideline to help you understand the basic elements of make-up. Foundation is the initial make-up product that you put on your face, and it’s the base layer on which you apply the rest of your cosmetics. A good foundation is one that matches your skin tone, covers up blemishes and is suitable for your particular skin texture. There are many types of foundations, they usually come in either liquid or cream formulas; the former is good for dry skin and the latter for oily skin. Most cosmetic stores set aside various foundations in each shade available for their customers to test free of charge. Eyeliners/Lip-liners look like pencils, but they are versatile because you can apply them on your eyes and lips. Use black or dark brown eyeliner to lightly fill in your eyebrows to make them appear fuller by drawing small gentle strokes in between your brow hair. Another use for eyeliners is to underline your lower or upper eyelids, this helps to emphasise the shape of your eyes and make them look bigger. For your lips, always buy lip-liner in the same shade as your lipstick. Draw a thin line around your lips before applying your lipstick to prevent the lipstick from running outside your lips. Mascara gives your eyelashes that “wow factor” by making them appear longer and thicker. Black is the standard colour when it comes to mascara, you can select lengthening or thickening mascara depending on how you want your eyelashes to look. When it comes to application, start by holding your mascara wand near the roots of your eyelashes and coat them using upward, zigzag motions until you reach the tips of your eyelashes. For your tiny bottom lashes, gently coat them with soft downward strokes. Blush is optional for daily make-up application, and it usually comes in various shades of pink. Applying an unflattering blush colour will destroy your entire make-up look, so it’s best to consult a make-up artist about the most suitable pigments for your skin tone. Use a make-up brush to dust on the blush, and then smile to make your cheekbones pop and apply a small amount from the centre of your cheeks towards your ears. If you are not yet confident with your make-up skills, it’s better to leave it out the blush or reserve it for occasional events. Lipstick in bold colours such as red, pink, purple and black are trending in the make-up and fashion industry. It’s fun to follow trends, but if you are more conservative, rather stick with nude colours that are a similar shade to your lips. After applying your lipstick, remove any excess pigment from your inner lips with a tissue to avoid the lipstick from coating your teeth. Pack your lipstick in your handbag just in case you need a touch-up. Beauty Ndapanda is a lifestyle blogger/writer. Her articles include wellness and beauty tips to help readers look and feel their best, while her topics on introspection examine thoughts and emotional processes you need to navigate through life’s ups and downs.  www.beautyndapanda.com
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