• September 19th, 2018
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Ndiyona experiences steady growth


John Muyamba Ndiyona-The Ndiyona settlement, 110 km east of Rundu in Ndiyona Constituency, has seen some developmental activities since it was proclaimed a settlement way back in 2007. “To date we have 231 surveyed plots at the settlement, of which 206 are residential plots and out of that 123 have already been allocated,” settlement administrator Frans Kaundu said. “Nine plots are reserved as public open space and 16 plots are reserved for business purposes and 11 of these plots have already been allocated to various businesses.” At the moment the Kavango East Regional Council has funded the first phase of the construction of municipal infrastructure, which include the construction of an oxidation pond, infrastructure for potable water, and sewer reticulation infrastructure. Construction of these infrastructure commenced in August 2015 and is now completed and is to be soon handed over to council by contractors Finishing touches are expected to be completed by end of this month. Delayed payment is said to have affected the timely completion of the projects, such as the oxidation pond. The second phase of the construction of municipal infrastructure, which include gravel roads and bulk electricity supply has also seen steady progress. The gravel roads and the street lights and other electricity facilities are ready to be connected to light up Ndiyona, which construction long done. Construction of sewer and water infrastructure commenced on 5 October 2016 and was completed by May this year. “This was delayed by the slow pace of compensation of affected people, in order for them to avail the land where construction of this facilities was to take place,” Kaundu told New Era. The settlement is also home to the Build Together project through which low-income earners are assisted to acquire cheap houses. Just recently, 25 houses were completed through the second phase of this program at the settlement. Apart from Ndiyona Combined School, the settlement has offices of Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the VaGciriku Tribal Office where the settlement offices are currently situated. The settlement also boasts a state-of-the-art police station which houses court facilities and police accommodation. The Ndiyona Constituency office is also located at settlement.
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