• November 19th, 2018
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Rammies youth football tourney a great success

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World, Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter Windhoek-One of Namibia’s oldest football clubs, Ramblers, hosted its 10th edition of its annual Ramblers Soccer Academy (RSA) Youth Football Tourney in Windhoek recently. The annual youth gathering attracted a significant number of youth football academies catering for a plethora of different age groups, starting from U/7, U/9, U/11 and U/13 as well as U/15s and U/17’s. Apart from hosts Ramblers, other participating teams came from as far as Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo, Rosh Pinah, Uis and various teams from the capital city of Windhoek. A record number of 76 teams comprising over 500 young footballers displayed their skills much to the delight of a record number of attendees that included parents, family, friends and the real McCoys of the gathering – the players. The tourney is particularly vital for the growth of football in Namibia, as starting at an early age teaches the child/player valuable lessons that can be taken through into adult life. “Values such as discipline, fair play and unity are taught through sport and this event is the best platform for the youth to meet, play and compete on a higher level,” said Ralf Behrens, a youth coach of RSA. The full results in the different age groups were as follows: U/17 1. Swallows FC 2. Ramblers Soccer Academy 3. Delta Secondary School Windhoek U/15 1. Ramblers Soccer Academy 2. SKW 3. DTS U/13 – A Stream 1. Swallows FC 2. SKW A 3. Ramblers Soccer Academy A U/13 – B Stream 1. Ramblers Soccer Academy B 2. SKW B 3. Teenagers FC from Swakopmund U/11 – A Stream 1. Ramblers Soccer Academy A 2. DTS A 3. SFC A from Swakopmund U/11 – B Stream 1. KFA – Windhoek 2. SFC B from Swakopmund 3. SWK B U/9 – A Stream 1. ACFA A 2. DTS A 3. KFA A from Rosh Pinah U/9 – B Stream 1. SKW A 2. DTS B 3. KFA B from Rosh Pinah U/7 – A Stream 1. SKW A 2. Swallows FC 3. Ramblers Soccer Academy A U/7 – B Stream 1. SKW B 2. DTS B 3. Ramblers Soccer Academy B
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