• September 24th, 2018
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Amazing Kids to exhibit their artworks

World, Youth Corner
World, Youth Corner

Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-A group of art learners from the Amazing Kids Private School & Academy will be hosting their very first public group exhibition on July 31. The exhibition at the Katutura Community Arts Centre (KCAC) will be hosted under the theme, ‘Whose role is to educate the public about John Muafangenjo?’ The exhibition will see exciting and aspiring learners showcase their best artwork done with the skills they learned from their school, courtesy of their art teacher, John Kalunda. The exhibition will also see five-year-old Riegaahn Titus, a first grader, debuting in the world of being a visual artist with her first work of an island. She has already attracted the school’s attention with her artwork. Abubacarr Jobanek, in Grade 8, says when he first discovered his painting skills it was an amazing feeling. “I didn’t know what I was doing, but as time passed,this became something worth looking at.” Jobaneke tells the history of the importance of landscapes through his artwork. Gopolang Choshene, in Grade 6, says it’s an honour for him to have art as a subject because for him art is life. “Art is one of the subjects I love at our school, and just imagine a world without art? Through art I get to communicate with other people from different places. It also helps me to avoid stress.” Choshene says art as a subject allows him as an upcoming visual artist to study art techniques. “I am very happy for having this chance to present my talent to the public.” Ndapandula Johannes, also in Grade 8, says art is her passion. She says art makes her feel like a bird flying freely in the sky. “Art helps me to create and start to understand how was the living style of our parents, and how the next world will be like.” “It’s an honour for me to be one of the 26 participants on this project. At Amazing Kids we are blessed to have a vibrant young group of upcoming artists who have been inspired by their art teacher,” says Kalunda. The exhibition will include printmaking and mixed media painting with some depicting the late artist, John Muafangenjo. Learners are very proud to have their very own famous artist in Namibia in the late Muafangenjo.
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