• September 25th, 2018
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Shottists ruffle feathers at Heja Lodge


Staff Reporter Windhoek-The 5th Regional NHRSA competition came full circle at Heja Lodge, east of Windhoek, with 68 shottists in action at a very well prepared shooting course, set up by the Central representatives. First up was the Caracal target discipline, shooting without external support in a standing position; followed by the shooting of five gongs at various distances using a specially prepared telephone pole structure. The third event saw shottists using kneeling positions while shooting at an Impala target; followed by a Fox target while in a sitting position using a pole planted upright in the ground that saw quite a few variations of sitting in that particular event. On the 5th course, participants shot from a lying position using an x-bag and short pole at an Oryx target before concluding with the five-gong course again using a pole that was planted at a 45 degree angle. What made it more interesting was that colours were painted on the pole with the first opening two shots made to stand upright, then kneeling for two shots and then lying down for one shot, all within a space of two minutes. At the end of the competition, everyone agreed that the day was very successful and enjoyable with the course set up in such a way that participants could challenge themselves while learning new tricks. The gathering attracted some first time shottists, which were great, and together with seasoned shottists were excited about the next shooting competition slated for Tsumeb on August 26. The day was concluded with the prize-giving ceremony at the SKW Hall where the following shottists received their medals in the various classes: In the Penkoppe class, accolades went to Janro Greeff with Hanre Cocklin and Mike Baartman Jnr tailing in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. In the Junior class, first prize went to Xander van Rooyen followed by Maritz Muller and Henco Kotze in that order, while JP Human claimed first place in the veteran class. In the Senior class. David Francis claimed the scalps of 2nd placed Louw van Zyl in a two-horse race with Cornel v/d Westhuizen, Bets-Marie Coetzee and Stephanie Marais claiming podium spots in the Ladies class in that order. The Men’s class was won by Francois Marais Jnr, with Francois Marais Snr and Dirk Sauber adrift in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The trident also claimed the Gold class to be crowned overall winners on the day from their respective positions. In the Silver class, Ferdinand Schnaitmann came out tops followed by Tabbie Barnard and Willie Langford in that order with Gunther Woortman taking honours in the Bronze class. He was followed by Gawie van Zyl and Heinrich Barnard in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The National Women’s team was also announced upon completion of the competition and comprise of Cornel v/d Westhuizen, Karola Woortman, Stephanie Marais, Lauren Nesenbered, Johanna Baartman (reserve) and Johan Wessels (team manager).
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