• August 13th, 2020

Cop on drinking spree, crashes after ‘stealing’ police vehicle

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Loide Jason Outapi-A 27-year-old police officer appeared in Outapi Magistrate’s Court last week for allegedly stealing a vehicle that belongs to the police’s crime investigation unit. The officer, Sergeant Andreas Nampweya, reportedly went on a drinking spree with the vehicle, which he later crashed beyond repair. The car was officially assigned to Outapi police station in Omusati Region, where Nampweya made his first appearance before Magistrate Otto Muyegu on Tuesday. He was denied bail. The matter was then remanded to November 21 for further police investigations and for him to find a lawyer of his choice. Martha Hasheela prosecuted. It is alleged that the suspect was on weekend standby and was called to respond to an incident report. He was then assigned an authorised driver to accompany him. According to police officials, the authorised driver booked the vehicle back in after the assignment and went home. It is not clear how Nampweya got hold of the keys of the vehicle, which he allegedly drove to Ogongo, where he indulged in alcohol with friends. “During the drinking spree he then spins the car around telling his drinking mates that he will show them how to use government petrol,” a police source told New Era. “In the process he bumped another car and sped off, taking the Ogongo–Okahao gravel road.” As if the initial accident did not put him in enough difficulty, Nampweya then hit another car on the way to Okahao – causing irreparable damage to the police vehicle. He then asked the owner of the other car to admit that he – the other driver – was at fault, according to police sources. Nampweya left the damaged car at the scene and later booked the car keys back in at the office at Outapi. The next morning police officers on duty wanted to use the car, but it was nowhere to be found on the premises. It was only at this stage that the officers on duty were informed about what had transpired the previous day. Omusati police regional commander Commissioner Tylves Kampolo confirmed the matter. He said Nampweya has a history of abusing government vehicles and was consequently ordered never to drive police cars again. He said the suspect is in custody and the law will take it cause. Nampweya is being temporarily held Tsandi police holding cells.
New Era Reporter
2017-09-25 09:47:48 | 2 years ago

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