• November 21st, 2018
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Robberies in Windhoek reach alarming levels

Selma Ikela Windhoek-On Friday evening, a Lüdwigsdorf family in Windhoek was left traumatised after a 72-year-old man was hit with a metal object on the head by an intruder, who accessed their home from the mountainside. According to the elderly man’s son, Werner Jetschko Jr, they were watching TV when the intruders entered their home from the back and assaulted his father and then turned on him. City Police chief Abraham Kanime has said crime - especially robbery - has reached worrying levels in the capital city, as gangs of armed thugs are targeting residents in Khomasdal and more affluent suburbs around the city with impunity. Kanime said a high number of incidents of robbery have of late been reported on the northwestern part of the city, namely Otjomuise, Wanaheda, Goreangab and Okuryangava. “It is that time of the year when people are trying to get money,” Kanime said in trying to explain why the number of robberies is on the rise. He said the police were, however, trying to ensure that safety and security prevails, and were pursuing known and suspected thieves. Jetschko’s 73-year-old mother was sleeping at the time of the incident, but was woken by the noise and pressed the panic button, to which the security company and police responded immediately. Jetschko said the intruders had disconnected the electrical wiring at the back of the house and used sticks to push back the electrical fence to enter the yard. “The door to the house was open and they entered. They hit my dad on the head. I got up and pushed them outside and we were fighting for few minutes. “I ran back inside the house and took a gun and fired three warning shots in the air and one of them also fired a shot and then ran back up to the mountain,” recalled Jetschko, who sustained a cut to his head, a stab wound with a screwdriver on the elbow, and was hit with an iron on the back during the fight. Fortunately, the robbers did not manage to take anything, but Jetschko said the intruders returned on Saturday and were again tampering with the electrical fence, which was fixed earlier that day. “Crime is out of control in Windhoek. They must get the military to patrol the mountain, which intruders use to enter houses from the back,” remarked Jetschko, who believes the thieves - from the vantage point of their mountain hideout - had sufficient time to study the movements at their residence. Kanime advised residents of more affluent suburbs to be in touch with their local neighbourhood watch groups, as well as the City Police team on duty. “Be on the alert, once you hear a dog barking, call the police on 061-302302 or SMS to 4444,” Kanime advised. He said the police were there to ensure safety and security prevails by doing regular neighbourhood patrols and using media technology to stay informed, amongst others.
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