• August 13th, 2020

Second flood wave on its way


Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva Following heavy rainfall in Angola a second flood wave could swamp northern Namibia in the next four days, confirmed a hydrologist responsible for the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin in Namibia. Leonard Hango said Ondjiva is currently under water and it is expected the flood that hit Ondjiva will spill over into Namibia. “Efundja is on its way, it has been recorded in Angola, but it is yet to overflow into Namibia,” said the Cuvelai-Etosha basin hydrologist. Ondjiva is located about 45 km from Oshikango. But, he said the nation will be informed accordingly once the flood reaches the borders so that they are not caught off guard. “Once the floods reach the borders we will alert the public to ensure that they are prepared,” said Hango. According to Hango just as it has been raining in the northern parts, it has also been raining heavily in Angola. Hango said the impact of the initial flood wave was not felt as it was only observed at the two streams at Ogongo and Shanalumono. There was no flood wave observed in the eastern part of the Cuvelai. There were no floods observed in Oshigambo, Ohaingu, Engela and the Okambebe streams when the initial flood swamped Namibia. He said the flood is however moving at a slow pace. “When there is no water in the streams already, what happens is that when the flood comes it first inundates the streams thus slowing the flow of water further up the streams,” said Hango. Earlier, Hango had said the flow of water in the Cuvelai system has stabilised, however, a new flood wave is anticipated and water levels are expected to rise as it continues to rain in the north.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-10 09:13:43 | 2 years ago

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