Agribank and Nafinu sign revised recognition agreement

Home Business Agribank and Nafinu sign revised recognition agreement


Agribank signed a revised recognition agreement with the Namibia Financial Institutions Union (Nafinu) on Wednesday morning.
During the signing the union was represented by its secretary general Asnath Zamuee and national organiser Cherlien Ngeseuako, while Agribank was represented by its chief executive officer Leonard Iipumbu and the general manager of corporate services, Regan Mwazi.

“I am pleased and happy to see yet another milestone to pave the way to building harmonious industrial relations between Afribank and Nafinu as the recognised trade union of our employees. This morning we are signing the revised recognition agreement with Nafinu, which will basically solidify, consolidate and guide the relationship between Agribank and Nafinu as the official recognised workplace representatives of our employees,” said Iipumpu. He added that the signing of the agreement also demonstrates Agribank management’s commitment to building a constructive and meaningful relationship with the employees and to promote open communication, understanding and cooperation.

The revised agreement aims to regulate all substantive collective employment issues pertaining to the bargaining unit and foster representation of employees with regard to disputes of interest and disputes of rights, and facilitate transparency between the two parties.

“The signing of this agreement should augment efforts to support productivity, fairness and integrity as embodied in our core values of letting the CAP FIT (Customer service, Accountability, Professionalism, Fairness, Integrity and Transparency). We should therefore discourage a culture where we work at cross-purposes and strongly promote a culture where the interest of Agribank to deliver efficient and effective customer service reigns supreme,” Iipumbu added.