• September 19th, 2019

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Opinion: The Year of No – PART 1

I once read a powerful book by Shonda Rhimes titled – The Year of Yes. In the book, she recounts how she underwent a life transformation after deciding that for an entire year she would say yes to everything that


Motivated by humble stories of people

WINDHOEK – She says one thing that motivates her is humble life stories of people who have worked their way from the bottom to the top. “I am inspired by my grandparents because they are a constant reminder for


Scholarships awarded to 57 Namibians

WINDHOEK – The Chinese government recently held a send-off ceremony for 57 Namibian students who after a vigorous vetting and interviewing process were granted the opportunity to study at institutions of

Edward Ndopu, defying odds

WINDHOEK- Edward Ndopu is a young African who is setting the wheels in motion to become the first physically disabled commercial astronaut. “The idea is to broadcast a televised address from a spaceship

Dissecting the Namas 2019: Highlights

WINDHOEK- The Namibian Annual Music Awards is one of the biggest events in the country’s musical calendar. Entertainment now! was present at the awards which took place at the Dome in Swakopmund in


Oxungi longs for Oshiwambo culture preservation

WINDHOEK- With some Namibian cultures, including the Oshiwambo culture, slowly losing their values, Oxungi which means night discussions in Oshiwambo language attracted hundreds of event-goers to promote cultural diversity and language in the country on Saturday.

Be mindful of what you are doing, says Nesongano 

WINDHOEK - The biggest lesson he has learnt in life is to be mindful of what he is doing. Mufaro Njabulo Nesongano says so often, people get caught up in the past or the future and forget to appreciate the current moment that life is presenting them. Therefore, he has learnt to live in the moment as much as possible.


Namibia’s President and cabinet ministers’ music playlist

WINDHOEK- Jane Swan once asked how is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, and our highest aspirations. That’s the beauty of music, that is the reason why people listen to music and that is why musicians make music, to communicate with their fans, to send messages of hope, laughter and many more.

China-Namibia relations one of the best in Africa – Zhang

WINDHOEK - The Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming has described the diplomatic relations between his country and Namibia as one the best on the African continent. “China-Namibia relationship is the among the best in China-Africa relationships,” said Zhang.


Meet the face behind Alvaro Media Group

WINDHOEK – Not only that he is the Brand Strategist, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of one of the biggest media and marketing company in the country, Alvaro Media Group, he is also a Director of