• September 22nd, 2018
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Land: Lessons Namibia can learn from Zimbabwe

There are many lessons that the Namibia land redistribution process can learn from the experiences of neighbours Zimbabwe.  An article by Crecey Kuyedzwa of Fin24 on a few lessons South Africa can learn from Zimbabwe in land redistribution captured my attention.  There are many other lessons to learn from Zimbabwe but I decided to discuss the few below.

A little time with our  parents is necessary

All the basic life skills were taught to us by our parents and guardians, they taught us what we needed to know while growing up. From cleaning our noses to using the toilets. They are our reference and directors for a good life. They were our first teachers that offered life education for free.

Teachers exercise: Why Exams?

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when one tries to answer the question: how can we raise the standard of our local education? The main factors however, remain the teacher and the student.


‘I hope to get my own bed’

OTJINENE -  “I hope to get my own bed...I want to enjoy sleeping alone with my own blankets,” says Monalisa Tjituaiza, a Grade 5 learner who could not hide her joy at the new provisions of fifty beds, blankets and mattresses, courtesy of the


Knowledge is the key to Namibia’s prosperity

Namibia is focused on creating a knowledge-based society where technology, innovation and entrepreneurship at every socio-economic level become the norm. This is a bold and major challenge for us as a nation. 

!NaniÅaus tsîn ge ǂurusib !oaba!khaiba go hō

!NANIÅAUS – !NaniÅaus hîa Kunene ÅKharib !nâ ǂnôas di Åhûhâsib Ågoresa ǁnâu-amhe tsîn ge Åasa kliniks tsî ǂurusib !oabadi !khaib tsîna go hō. Nē Åhûhâsib ge kaise gaxuse nē !nae!khaisa go !âu hâ i tsî ganganxa ǂgaogu tsî !gâiaǂgaob