• November 14th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Advertising agencies!

Last week I gave credit to radio in Namibia for bringing sustainable initiatives to the listener. It’s almost festive season and I think I should continue with the good vibes. This week I almost felt compelled to highlight an incredibly key stakeholder to the entertainment industry…advertising agencies! 


Model glad to entreat global stage

The 22-year-old ambitious and dedicated model, Joanne Stephanie Leonie /Nanus, says her first international pageant in China will remain a beautiful lifetime experience for her.


Namibian sits on potential of victory against poverty

Namibia is a very unique African country. The country is truly a nation of contrast, of extreme natural beauty, diverse cultures and varied perspective. However, and for some reasons, the country is struggling to harness its diverse blessings to economically lift its people from poverty, destitution, hopelessness, greediness and social injustice.


Zambezi floods compound human- wildlife conflict mitigation efforts

The scourge of human-wildlife conflict that has befallen the Namibian nation has triggered a debate and every Namibian should be at liberty to make a contribution to this narrative. It is a conflict that is fought in so many fronts, and in so many ways depending on the part of the country from which one hails. It is a conflict that tests how much of their country

Income disparity a ticking time bomb

“Do the right things properly to succeed,” roared Theo Ben Gurirab, then Speaker of the National Assembly, in 2012. He was discussing the big problem of income disparity where some citizens have a lion’s share of income in the country. Income disparity in general, and poverty in particular, are not just about income.