• July 15th, 2020

POSTS BY Paheja Siririka

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How to keep brands relevant during Covid-19

The most obvious approach to keeping one’s brand relevant in a rapidly growing and changing world entails consistently keeping up with the trends, being innovative, embracing change, and providing instant gratification.


I beat depression – Roux-Che Locke

The best advice she can give anyone is to always run their race at their own pace, adding people should not be afraid to wander off the beaten track and to follow their instincts as they navigate their way through this show called life.

Knock-Out project hailed

Fresh FM radio personality Denzel Leroy //Naobeb, also known as NSK said the latest knock-out project by MTC is the kind of assignment he is ecstatic to be part of as it is tangible and warms his heart because it is addressing the issue of homelessness in the country.


DJ Oros turns up the heat

A local chef, DJ and radio personality, Lucas Ashipala (28), professionally known as DJ Oros has told Entertainment Now! that he strongly believes the franchising of international food outlets in Namibia is a total rip off.


Ambassador clarifies luggage issue

Namibian Ambassador to Cuba Samuel /Goagoseb this week dismissed claims that only selected luggage meant for students in Cuba were taken along on a South African humanitarian flight last week.


Leather Mein premiers Bestie video

The much ado about nothing wedding of Leather Mein and Sally Boss Madam that sparked social media buzz had attendees cracking ribs with joy and excitement as the duo premiered their song ‘Bestie’s’ music video at Ster Kinekor, Grove Mall over the weekend.


Tswazis live music show to go countrywide

Tswazis, which hosted their winter bash in the capital to a captivating audience, informed Entertainment Now! that they are planning on being inclusive and with time spread out to the rest of the country, starting with Okahandja at a date to be announced.

MTC brings hope to art industry

MTC generously announced an investment figure totalling N$13. 2 million to be ploughed into the entertainment industry, comprising the Windhoek Fashion Week (N$3.6 million) and the 081Every1 Music Fest (N$9.6 million) for the next three years.


Ameliorating education of young Namibians

A young educationist has taken it upon herself to be at the forefront of creating a platform, with the assistance of her family to offer lessons to students as she feels not all of them have the privilege of having a strong support system that would motivate them to study hard and do their best.


Journalists’ voices on covering Covid-19

Namibia’s media spectrum is not that big but it is impactful. Behind the news published daily, are front-runners who have dedicated their time, effort and commitment to the profession to bring you, the listeners, readers and viewers news related to Covid-19 through their respective media houses.


Popya - Entrepreneurial ideas in abundance, funding an obstacle - Ipinge

Walvis Bay Urban Constituency regional Councillor Knowledge Ipinge (34) has said the number one problem for most youth and aspiring business people at the coastal town face is access to funding and that ideas are in abundance but there has been a huge lack of capacity and means to turn the ideas into reality.