• April 1st, 2020

POSTS BY Aletta Shikololo

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Dj Kboz to drop Amapiano vibes

Award-winning producer and one of the most respected DJs in the country announced that he will be releasing his first Amapiano Extended Play (EP), titled ‘Gin, hookah & cheries’.


Popya - Ndjuluwa97 offers free soft skills training to learners

Founded by a dedicated and a passionate young woman Elivi Shinedima, Ndjuluwa97 Academy offers extra classes to school learners in all grades, prepares them for examination, computer and sports training while also providing them with educational tours coupled with workshops around Windhoek. 


The relevance of student leadership in Namibia

After 30 years of independence, student leaders in the country continue to fight for the rights and the wellness of the Namibian students. New Era sat down with a few student leaders in the country to get their take on the status of student leadership. 


Is art and entertainment in Namibia becoming an industry in its rights?

Three decades after independence, some of the prominent figures in the country are still not satisfied with the growth of the art and entertainment industry, saying there is so much to be done for it to be called an industry. Entertainment Now! spoke to some of the notable figures in the art and entertainment sector to hear their take on this.

Namcols ge 2019 !nâ 5.5 persentgu ǂharosa !âidi !nâ ge ǁgau

Direkteri, Namibiab ǁKhāǁkhāsen!khaib !Augaba xu hâ ǁkhāǁkhāsendi dib (Namcol) Harold Murangib ge ge mî, 2019ǁî kurib di ǀuni !nurigu ra ǁgausa, D simbolsa xu ǀgapise hâ simboldi ge 5.5 persentgu ǀkha a khâisa, ǁîn ge 20,6 persentga 2017 !nâ ūhâ i tsî 25.1 persentgu kōse 2019 !nâ a sīs khao!gâ. 


Namcol performance improved with 5,5% in 2019

The Director of Namibia College of Open Learning (Namcol), Harold Murangi stated that 2019 results show great improvement of 5,5% for D grade and above, from 20,6 in 2017 to 25,1 in 2019.


New kid debuts ‘Come together’

Namibian upcoming artists are trying their best to capture the attention of music lovers which is why BTU Booster came up with the hit ‘Ngono othondoro’ and dropped his first album titled ‘Come together’.


New life for abandoned young family

OKAKANGO – Namibians from all walks of life have reacted positively to the plight of a 21-year-old woman from Okakango village who was abandoned by her mother since she was 16 years old.