• September 21st, 2020

POSTS BY Steven Klukowski

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Business as usual at Keetmanshoop Urban

KEETMANSHOOP— //Kharas regional council chairperson Jan Scholtz said the daily administrative and political functioning of the Keetmanshoop Urban constituency office has not been hampered since the death of councillor Maxie Minnaar. 


Mayor’s trust reaches out to the vulnerable

KEETMANSHOOP – As part of its core objective to assist vulnerable members of the community, the Keetmanshoop Mayor’s Trust recently handed over school uniforms, beddings, educational materials school children, needy parents and the town’s Covid-19 isolation centre. 


Voters rush last minute to register

KEETMANSHOOP – Close to 300 eligible voters were still queuing at various registration points in the //Kharas region after the supplementary registration of voters ended at 19h00 on Tuesday evening. 

Tension mounts at road construction site

KEETMANSHOOP – Disgruntled residents of Aminuis constituency in the Omaheke region recently stopped construction of the main road that stretches from Onderombapa to Aranos via Aminuis, citing unfair labour practices. 


Mumbala confident of poll victory 

KEETMANSHOOP - Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala said the Keetmanshoop Urban constituency seat they lost last year to the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) is merely like a room rented by a landlord and that the term will expire very soon. 

Political tensions flare up  in south

KEETMANSHOOP – Tensions flared up at the weekend following a standoff between political parties and the Namibian police during the ongoing supplementary registration of voters at Keetmanshoop.


//Kharas seeks to flatten virus curve

KEETMANSHOOP – Recent large social gatherings in the //Kharas region are, according to summaries submitted, proof that most of the Covid-19 cases were contacts of confirmed cases. 


Community service can improve behavioural patterns 

KEETMANSHOOP - //Kharas regional governor Aletha Frederick said the community service orders (CSO) process is designed to manage offenders in the community so that they can positively contribute to the wellbeing of the general public. 


Keetmans residents bemoan poor service delivery

KEETMANSHOOP - Around 300 unemployed residents from the Ileni and Gereres informal settlements at Keetmanshoop have to share one prepaid water point and in most cases, they do not have access to the precious resource. 


LPM against poll delay 

KEETMANSHOOP - Regional council and local authority elections should go ahead as scheduled by the Electoral Commission of Namibia, the Landless Peoples Movement’s election director, Ziggy Isaacks has said. 


On the spot - Unlocking the potential of //Kharas 

Growing up in a political family, Aletha Frederick (AF) has come of age after years of youth activism to now lead the great//Kharas region. New Era journalist Steven Klukowski (SK) sat down with Frederick on her new journey.


Cops sensitise residents on curfew

KEETMANSHOOP - The Namibian Police in the //Kharas region educated Keetmanshoop residents on Sunday evening on the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed by government to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country.  


Zero tolerance to corruption, says governor 

KEETMANSHOOP - //Kharas regional governor Aletha Fredericks said leaders should present themselves at all times with strong values such as integrity, fairness, and transparency to reduce poor service delivery in the region. 


//Kharas farmers weather storm amid pandemic

KEETMANSHOOP – Chairperson of the Klein Karas Farmers Association Hansie Esthuyse said despite the negative effects of Covid-19 on the livelihood of farmers and their workers, they remain optimistic about the future. 


Keetmans police station temporarily closed

KEETMANSHOOP - The Keetmanshoop police station in town has been temporarily closed for 48 hours since Tuesday afternoon following the visit of a positive tested Covid-19 public member at the facility.


End factionalism, accept defeat - Mumbala

KEETMANSHOOP – //Kharas regional Swapo coordinator Mattheus Mumbala has called on party members to accept their fate if not elected to stand as candidates for the upcoming regional council and local authority elections.