• September 26th, 2020

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Opinion - Child marriages

Many people have argued that child marriages have happened because of gender inequality and the supposed belief that women are inferior to boys and men.

Ryan's corner - I’m back!

Let me start by saying ‘Hi everyone’, especially to my fellow Namibians; it has been a while without penning my favourite weekly column, Ryan’s Corner, but I’m back now and I hope to meet you all here every Friday. 

GIPF appoints new investment consultants

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) has confirmed the appointment of two new investment consultants. Lane Clark & Peacock LLP will consult on investments, while BFinance UK Limited will consult on the selection/search of asset managers. 

Nedbank Namibia launches IdentityToday

Nedbank Namibia, in collaboration with the Today Group, the homegrown fintech company, which introduced PayToday, has introduced IdentityToday (IDToday), a digital identity management platform that allows for the remote submission of the regulatory proof of identity documents that a prospective client needs to submit before a bank account may be opened for them.


Opinion - Meditation quarantines distractions

The late former prime minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, who is remembered for successfully leading the country through World War Two and was famous for refusing to surrender, once cautioned that “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”


Letters - I do not feel safe in Namibia

Life as a woman living in Namibia is becoming increasingly dangerous. I am constantly confronted with headlines of how women and children are raped and killed in this country.

Letter - Property rights and economic growth

The latest figures from the Namibia Statistics Agency indicate that more than 360 000 Namibians of the active employable population are unemployed, representing 33.4% of the employable population.

Editorial - A crisis within a crisis

While the Covid-19 pandemic has brought untold fear and suffering, another “sickness”, particularly in the form of domestic violence against women and children, has intensified in our motherland over the last couple of weeks.


Pajero Sport Exceed takes the stylish route

Mitsubishi Motors has taken an upmarket approach with the launch of the latest version of the New Pajero Sport, including a new Dynamic Shield front grille, new features, and additional luxuries.