• May 24th, 2019
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PDM to meet stakeholders over NSFAF

WINDHOEK - The country’s largest opposition party, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says it will not take lightly the announcement made by Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) that is only able to fund study loans of 2 925 new applicants, out of 24 739 applications.


Sometimes you do things you don’t understand or without a reason even. Sometimes you fall prey to your unruly desires, sometimes you lack courage. It’s not every day that you are able to stay strong and do the things that need to be done, not all days are the same.

Social Reflection: Poverty Cycle Breakers

“Over the past five years, the Namibian economy registered an average growth rate of 4.3 percent. However, with an unemployment rate of 29.9 percent, poverty incidence of 26.9 percent and HIV prevalence of 16.9 percent, a large portion of the Namibian population remains vulnerable.” – UNDPA

Mistakes that can invalidate your funeral cover…

You pay a monthly premium to have insurance when it matters most. But if you don’t adhere to policy rules you might end up losing out. Ensure this important cover is able to serve its purpose by following these simple rules.

Nedbank’s Pepper the Robot arrives for Career Expo

WINDHOEK - Nedbank Namibia will introduce Pepper, a humanoid robot, to learners at the Nedbank Career Expo which started Wednesday at the Windhoek Country Club and will end on Friday, 24 May 2019. Pepper is visiting Windhoek while taking a few days leave from his fulltime job as a client experience ambassador at Nedbank’s digital branch called the NZone in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

Dear church: An open letter from young people

I need you! My life is changing a mile a minute, and I need a spiritual home. The church needs to actively reach out to youth and young adults. This could be as simple as putting your church’s name in the list of churches at the tertiary institutions. 


Our threat is not LPM or PDM

Windhoek Rural Constituency is the most vast constituency in terms of spatial and geographic boundaries in the Khomas Region. The constituency has been under control of the opposition until 2004 when Fredrick Arie became its first Swapo


NSFAF only funding 19% of applicants

WINDHOEK - With the current budget allocation of N$1.138 billion, the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) is only able to fund study loans of 2 925 new applicants, out of 24 739 applications received.

PowerCom sponsors Tobias Hainyeko Social League

WINDHOEK – Namibia’s leading ICT infrastructure and equipment supplier PowerCom recently donated an avalanche of sport equipment and trophies to the Okahandja Park Tobias Hainyeko Social League. 

Hepatitis Es ge ǁkhawa ǀnî khoe-i ûiba go ū

ǂKHOANDAWES – Sîsenǀgaugu hîas ge ǂurusib departements tsî ­îs !âhuru-aon tsîna a ūs in Omaheke ǀkharib !nâ Hepatitis Es di khoraǂuisens tsî khoena ûiga ǂoa!nâsa ǁkhaes ge, ǁgausen-i rasa !oa sîsenǂuiba ūhâ tama hâ, nē ǀkharib !nâs

ǀAeǁgams ge ǁgam-e sâus ǁgaraga nî sîsenxa kai

ǀAEǁGAMS – Auton ra ǁāhe !khaigu, hoteldi, !gûkhoen hâ!khain tsî nau hâ !âgu ǂgui !gôab ǁgam-e ra sîsenūgu hâna xu i ge ra !âubasenhe, ǁgam-e sâus !aroma a ǀnōsa ǀgaugu ain ǁgam-e nî sîsenūtsoatsoasa, !ā!khōmais ǁgam-i ǀorosiba ǀkhurub