• January 28th, 2020

POSTS BY Albertina Nakale

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Pula yetuna itisa muunda mwa Zambezi

WINDOKO – Pula yetuna yenze isweli kunela mwanaha kaufela, nimwalinaha zeli bukaufi, ise itisize muunda mi mubusisi wasikiliti sa Zambezi Lawrence Sampofu, nanitifalize kuli libaka zeñwi mwasikiliti sa Zambezi, sihulu mwasilalanda sa Kabbe ya Mbowela seli tibisizwe kimezi amuunda. Mwakweli ya Ñulule katengo ka Sadc nekakile kafa mamela yakuli pula yetuna ikaba teñi, mi ikaswana yatahisa muunda.


Namibia remains top tourist destination

WINDHOEK - Namibia remains a tourist destination of choice for many foreign visitors. Over 1.5 million tourists visited Namibia in 2018, compared to roughly 1.49 million visitors who arrived in the country in 2017, the minister of tourism Pohamba Shifeta announced yesterday. 


Mayor explains Babylon move 

WINDHOEK - Windhoek mayor Francina Kahungu yesterday explained her decision to move the usually posh mayoral office to the Nathaniel Maxuilili Community Centre in the Babylon informal settlement. 

Khomasdal councillor promises land delivery

WINDHOEK - Samuel Angolo, the new constituency councillor for Khomasdal, has vowed to tackle existing challenges facing the area, including land delivery, access to electricity and sanitation. 


Health orders critical stock

WINDHOEK - In an attempt to address identified shortcomings in the health sector, the government has ordered a total of 760 stock or line items through the recent exemptions starting October. 

PDM, Nantu slam ‘poor education planning’

WINDHOEK - The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says a lack of forward planning and an inability to implement the new high school curriculum by the ministry of education are among the factors underlining the chaos that engulfed schools and learners at the start of the 2020 school year.


PDM youth league vows to tackle registration costs

WINDHOEK - The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) has promised to fight for the many prospective students who performed exceptionally well in Grade 12 during 2019 final exams and qualify for tertiary education, but are unable to afford the high registration fees required by local universities. 


PDM shuns KiSwahili in government schools

WINDHOEK - The country’s official opposition, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), has joined the chorus of some Namibians in rejecting the mooted plans to introduce KiSwahili as an optional language in local schools by next year. 


Torrential rain leaves parts of Zambezi flooded

WINDHOEK - With heavy rains being experienced countrywide and into neighbouring countries, the Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu confirmed that some parts of the region, especially in the Kabbe South constituency have already been flooded.