• January 18th, 2020

POSTS BY Helvy Shaanika

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Drought linked to Congo Fever outbreak

ONGWEDIVA - The ongoing drought which is causing displeasure of animal movement in the country could be the cause of the recently reported outbreak of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) in Oshikoto Region.

Criminals can use drought to steal livestock

ONGWEDIVA  - Police in Kavango West have put up strict control measures to prevent livestock theft, under the guise of seeking greener pastures, in the two Kavango and other neighbouring regions through a public awareness program of anti-stock theft program.


Iiheke community wins sand mining case

UUKWANGULA - Some villagers under Uukwambi Traditional Authority have won a case against their traditional authority concerning the preservation of their natural resources. 

Muuna ni musala ahae bayumba libyana zamadimona

ONGWEDIVA – Muuna ni musala ahae, ili babapila mwa Oshakati, nebakile bayo yumba libyana zabona, kakuli ‘nelina ni mioya yemaswe ni mibala yamioya yalififi’, neba bulelezi mapokola ni batu bane bambwetukile. Muuna ni musala ahae babasali babanca nebailo latela libyana zabona kwamayumbelo afumaneha mwa Ongwediva manzibuana Lasunda viki yefelile


Geingob calls for Aandonga unity

ONAMUNGUNDO - President Hage Geingob has called for unity among the faction-riven Aandonga who have been at each other’s throats even since before the death of Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas.


Ondonga’s factions unite to mourn Kauluma

ONAMUNGUNDO – Members of factions that have been on each other’s throats over who to succeed Omukwaniilwa of Ondonga Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, yesterday united to ensure a dignified send-off of the late traditional leader.

Food insecurity threatens farmers at Etunda

ETUNDA - Farmers at Etunda village, south of Epalela in Omusati Region, fear that if it fails to rain many households will suffer food insecurity and many people, mostly the youth, will lose their income. 


Liluko lifa mamela yalinanga kwabalimi

ONGWENDIVA – Liluko la Njimo, Mezi ni Mishitu lielelize balimi mwa Mutulo wanaha Namibia kuli baitukiseze kakuli kaswana kuba ni linanga bakeñisa pula yelikani silimo se. Yabona zamayemo alihalimu mwa liluko, Leonard Hango naize, naha Namibia ika amuhela pula yelikani kuisa licika mwa silimo sa 2019, bakeñisa kucinca kwamayemo alihalimu.


Nambundunga a man of many capabilities – Geingob

OSHIHOLE- Late retired major general Petrus Kagadhinwa Nambundunga was a man whose reputation preceded him.  President Hage Geingob said at Nambundunga’s memorial service held at his residence at Oshihole village in Onesi Constituency of Omusati Region.


Ministry alerts farmers to looming drought

ONGWEDIVA - The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has advised farmers in northern Namibia to prepare themselves for a possible drought because of erratic rainfall so far this rainy season. 

Bullying reported at Ondangwa school

ONGWEDIVA - Parents of learners attending school for the first time at Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary School in Ondangwa claims their children are being intimidated and robbed of their belongings within the school premises.