• July 2nd, 2020

POSTS BY Carlos Kambaekwa

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Up close with Tomi “Tambai” Adams

He might not have had possesed the silky skills of his more celebrated teammate, the man he was eventually to replace in the star-studded Black Africa Football Club engine room, Lucky Boostander but Tomi Adams was your typical box to box midfielder in the real sense of the word.


Retired football genius Bolle Hans tells his story

Having been born and growing up in a family of noted footballers from his paternal side, it was obvious that young Bolle Hans, would unavoidably develop an unquenchable thirst for anything in the shape of a spherical object. 


Stars legendary defender Tjituaiza now a flourishing farmer

ORUSUUO – Former African Stars Football Club and Central Invitational Eleven’s hard as nails defender-cum-communal farmer Gabriel “Kierie” Tjituaiza, who claim to have lost a large number of livestock during the last drought and also due to insistent stock theft, says there is an urgent need to move away from the traditional ways of farming.


Ode to the “Indian Blizzard”: Nathaniel Alele Zico Kapule …1969-2020

Life is a journey but death is unavoidable, the author is still battling to come to terms with the sad passing of one of the most complete footballers of his generation, one Nathaniel Alele Kapule, elder son of Katutura big shops popular barber, the late Thomas Mbutu, aka “Tommy Trou”. Exactly a week ago, I bumped into the former African Blizzards and Tigers FC skill full midfielder Zico, at the memorial service of a close family member. 


A bird of passage: Willem Tuyoleni Ashipembe aka ‘Ekaku’

 The beautiful game of football in apartheid Namibia was birthed in the coastal town of Walvis Bay on the banks of the freezing Atlantic Ocean. As it stands, the most recognisable football entity from that neck of the woods is without a shadow of doubt Blue Waters Football Club, also known as “Omeya” or better still the “Beautiful Birds” amongst its ardent followers. It has always the dream of almost every aspiring footballer growing up in Kuisebmond to pull the famous foam and navy strip of Omeya over their heads... well, young Willem Ashipembe was no exception to this unwritten rule.


Rugby icon Stoop joins fight against Covid-19

Namibia’s most decorated rugby player Andre Stoop has joined the chorus of those rolling up their sleeves to curb the devastating corona epidemic that has brought the entire world to a virtual standstill.


Up close with the ‘Zambezi Bream’ Agenda ‘Magents’ Matongo

Despite a strongly held demographic prejudice, the village town of Katima Mulilo in the far north east region has in the past produced a significant number of great athletes though some of them went unnoticed. Those that spring to mind are; Boston Muyambango Likando, Kayo Munyaza, Oscar Mulonda, Given Numwa and lately, the highly rated Namibian international Ryan Simasiku Nyambe. Sadly only a handful made it into the country’s elite football league with great aplomb. Apart from the quartet led by the GOAT Likando, Munyaza, Numwa and Nyambe, the only other genuinely recognized footballer from that neck of the woods is none other than lanky forward Agenda Matongo, also known as “Kookwater”. We caught up with the retired speedy winger as he relives his amazing football journey that saw him leaving seasoned robust defenders for dead, showing them a clean pair of heels with blistering speed.


Henrico 'Henna' Botes - The ageless Reho Falcon

REHOBOTH - From humble beginnings in the remote town of Rehoboth, locked approximately 90 kilometres south of Namibia’s commercial capital Windhoek, young 'Henna' was subjected to tradition as a learner of the revered rugby-mad Dr Lemmer High School in his native Rehoboth.


The football playing banker - Riundjua ‘Clave‘ Herunga

A product of the unofficial school of excellence, the revered St. Josephs Secondary School (Dobra) situated north east of Namibia’s commercial capital Windhoek, former African Stars and Life Fighters football clubs midfield anchorman Benestus Riundjua ‘Clave” Herunga, is a chap of the old block. His genes dictated that he would be a footballer of note, after all, elder brother the late Boas “Mboroto” Herunga, was an acrobatic shot-stopper with ambitious Katutura outfit Flames and Windhoek City back in the day. Younger brother Pulelee Herunga counts amongst the most promising young centre backs of his generation in the business. The strongly built calculated fellow’s much travelled football career was curtailed by persistent hobbling from town to town, a culmination of work commitment as a banker taking him to various towns across the width and length of his motherland. Here’s his full story about his football journey.


In conversation with Warriors legend Eliphas Kambuta ‘Safile’ Shivute

Arguably one of very few local successful athletes of all time, former coastal giants Eleven Arrows, Scottish club Motherwell FC and Brave Warriors legendary versatile winger Eliphas Kambuta Shivute, aka “Safile”, remains level-headed and is currently a successful businessman in the northern part of the country. Unlike many of his generational peers who have gone the wrong way upon expiry of their playing days, the bulky forward has shown that there is indeed a certain degree of decent life after football. Having played professional football in different continents across the globe, including Asia and Europe, Shivute has put his earnings to good use and many aspiring young athletes, footballers in particular can take a leaf out of his book.


Up close with Namibia’s football First Lady - Julien Garises

Namibian football is a great deal of gratitude indebted to Julien Garises, the slightly built soft-spoken madam, who has almost single-handedly masterminded the birth of women football. Garises will go down in history as the first female to be elected to the traditionally male-dominated Namibia Football Association (NFA) executive. Women football in Namibia would not have made significant strides locally and abroad had Julien Garises not been born