• January 29th, 2020

POSTS BY Carlos Kambaekwa

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Farewell to the ‘Bukalo Eagle’ Alfred Akayombokwa Munyaza

When legendary Queen rock band front man and astute songwriter, the late Freddie Mercury, penned the hit song, ‘Another one bites the dust’, he must have had footballers in mind, notably from the shores of his birth continent (Africa) given the alarming rate at which Namibian footballers are going west.


The skinny goalie with the safe pair of hands, Collin Usurua, aka ‘Bro K’

Katutura glamour football club African Stars always found themselves wanting in the crucial goal-keeping department and it was not until the young acrobatic net-guard in the shape of Asaria Ndjiva Kauami arrived on the scene did the team’s serial Achilles heel stabilise as the team began to make serious inroads into domestic football.


Magical Rastaman “Kaskas” tells his own story

Many people are unaware that much travelled dreadlocked goal poacher Kaskas Angula, is in Namibian terms, a “Struggle Kid” – albeit a well-behaved one for that matter. The deadly net buster developed vast interest in politics and left his motherland as a fourteen-year-old boy, hardly out of his pair of shorts.