• July 17th, 2019
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POSTS BY Carlos Kambaekwa

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When logic and loyalty collide

Let me let the cat out of the bag, there are two local football teams that are very close to my heart since I was a young boy, hardly out of my pair of shorts, they are; Blue Waters and Orlando Pirates. Please don’t ask me how come and why? Firstly, I grew up within a multicultural society in my village //Xaire (Okatupapa) where tribe was immaterial.


Up close with magical midfielder, Quinton ‘Querra’ Jacobs

Much-travelled Brave Warriors retired free-scoring midfielder Quinton Jacobs, aka “Magic” or “Querra” in football circles, is arguably the finest footballer of his generation. He easily ranks amongst the most talented athletes to ever have walked on Namibian soil in recent years. 

Football bonuses, a pretty kettle of fish

The ensuing brouhaha amidst the revelation of bonuses to be paid to the Brave Warriors travelling entourage to the 2019 Caf in the much adored historical pyramids of the Pharaohs, is two-fold.

The domino effect of our football

In an effort to identify loopholes, the devil’s advocate tests an opponent’s argument to the limit often despite being sympathetic with it – a useful technique to avoid sloppy thinking. 


Paulo Martins, the Copper Town football playing “Porra”

TSUMEB – Born Paulo Martins on the 29th of April 1967 in the remotely coastal town of Cabinda in Northern Angola, young Paulo relocated to South West Africa (SWA) as a toddler barely out of his nappies with his parents – only to resurface in the Copper Town of Tsumeb. 


Cometh the hour, cometh the lady

It’s quite amazing how times can fly, yours truly vividly remembers the day when a young skinny shy girl showed her competitors a clean pair of heels to clinch victory in the junior section of the maiden edition of the prestigious annual Old Mutual Victory Race series in Oshakati, more than two decades gone.


Remembering Micah “Capro” Ngapurue 1951 - 2009

Back in the day, schools dominated the beautiful game of football to the extend that many local teams were made to play second fiddle to these learning institutions in the popular knockout cup tournaments played country wide.


Tribute to Harold ‘Oorlog’ Olivier 1962 – 2019

Another dark chapter has befallen the local football fraternity following the untimely death of former Young Ones Football Club hard-galloping no-nonsense forward Harold Olivier, better known as ‘Oorlog’ amongst his teammates.