• January 29th, 2020

POSTS BY Maria Amakali

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Police reservist charged over Fishrot bribery attempt appears 

WINDHOEK - A police reservist, who was arrested on Friday for allegedly attempting to bribe an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officer in an attempt to recover ATM cards belonging to two of the six suspects in the bribery fishing scandal, made his first appearance that same day in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court.


Fishrot Six court battle continues

WINDHOEK - The Fishrot Six have turned to the High Court once again in a bid to have search warrants issued against them set aside, while also challenging the seizure of their assets by the Financial Intelligence Centre. 


Tuto yenca ikataza maticele

WINDOKO – Katengo kakayemela maticele mwanaha Namibia ili kakazibahala ka Teachers’s Union of Namibia (TUN), kabulela kuli buñata bwa maticele habana hande liseli mwakuluta mukoloko ozamaisa tuto omunca, ili wo muuso nokalile kutahisa lilimo liketalizoho zefelile.

ǁGau!nâ-aon ge ǀasa ǁkhāǁkhā!khōǂgāb xa ra tsanaǁkhui

ǀAEǁGAMS – Namibiab ǁGau!nâ-on ǀHûs (TUN) ge ra mî, ǂauna ǁgau!nâ-aon ǂgaoǀkhāsa ǁkhāǁkhāǂuisensa ūhâ tama tamas ka i o ǂâuǀoa hâse aiǂhomisa tama hâsa ǀasa ǁkhāǁkhā!khōǂgāb hîab ǂhanuba koro kurigu !kharu hâse ge sîsentsoatsoa kaiba ǁgau!nâs !aroma. 


Teachers ‘struggling’ with new curriculum

WINDHOEK – The Teachers’ Union of Namibia (TUN) says most teachers are not qualified nor prepared to teach the new revised national curriculum that the government started implementing five years ago.


All eyes on election court challenge 

WINDHOEK – Independent presidential candidate Dr Panduleni Itula and four others will have to provide strong evidence of electoral manipulation in their bid to have the results of the November 2019 presidential election overturned, say commentators.

Mob justice accused await PG decision

WINDHOEK – Ten people, who were arrested for allegedly beating a 27-year-old Congolese refugee to death in June 2018, are yet to hear their fate from the prosecutor general.

N$5 million heroin trial postponed

WINDHOEK – The trial of a former Air Namibia cabin crew member, accused of trying to smuggle N$5 million worth of heroin, has been postponed to next week for the defence’s case.