• August 22nd, 2019
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POSTS BY Maria Amakali

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Final remand for slayer of ex-girlfriend

WINDHOEK – The Katutura Magistrate’s Court has given a final remand for the prosecutor general (PG) to make a decision in the matter of a man accused of slitting his ex-girlfriend’s throat with a knife and attempting to commit suicide. 


50-year-old admits  raping minor

WINDHOEK – “I could not insert my penis into her ‘cookie’ as it was too small. I just inserted one finger into her.” This was part of the chilling confession of the 50-year-old convicted murderer and rapist who is accused


31 suspects arrested for mob attack

WINDHOEK – Thirty-one people have been arrested in Omusati Region in connection with the brutal attack on July 15 on three people who were accused of poisoning a man at a local sheeben.