• June 19th, 2019
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POSTS BY Selma Ikela

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Potential murderer commits suicide

WINDHOEK – A swift response from a gender-based violence activist and the Namibian Police Force saved a Windhoek woman’s life as she could have been a victim of gender-based violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend last week.  


Reinstated Kanime says suspension was costly

WINDHOEK - City Police Chief Abraham Kanime said the upliftment to his suspension has been long overdue and at the same time costly.  Kanime’s sentiments come after City of Windhoek council voted on Tuesday evening to lift his suspension.


Woman stabs boyfriend to death

WINDHOEK - A 32-year-old woman is expected to appear in Katutura Magistrate’s Court today after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a knife and killed him instantly. 

Security guard steals from house he was ‘guarding’

WINDHOEK - A 27-year-old security guard at a Chinese national‘s home in Eros was arrested for nearly stealing all the furniture and other valuables last week while the house owner was out of the country. The guard now faces charges of housebreaking and theft.


Kanime’s fate to be decided by May 22

WINDHOEK - Legal teams in the matter between suspended City Police Chief Abraham Kanime and the City of Windhoek agreed in the High Court on Friday that the City’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kahimise, and the council of the City of Windhoek meet not later than May 22.

Home Affairs replaces visa and permits stamps

WINDHOEK - Government is in the process of considering granting longer employment permits for up to five years for serious investors and professionals with scarce or rare, most-sought after skills, the Executive Director in the Ministry of

Operation Hornkranz ceases tomorrow

WINDHOEK - Namibian Police Force Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has revealed ‘Operation Hornkranz’ will cease on Friday. However, another police-led law enforcement operation, code-named operation Kalahari Desert, will commence immediately thereafter nationwide.