• April 21st, 2019
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POSTS BY Selma Ikela

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Namibians afraid to report corruption: ACC

WINDHOEK – The Anti-corruption Commission’s(ACC) Director-General Paulus Noa says people are relatively scared to report corruption or abuse in their workplace-and those who do-fail to provide substantive evidence.


Frustrated Kanime to approach High Court

WINDHOEK - Suspended Windhoek City Police chief Abraham Kanime plans to approach the High Court to compel City of Windhoek to set a date for his delayed disciplinary hearing after the matter degenerated into a game of ping-pong between the Windhoek City Council and the CEO Robert Kahimise.

Mother accuses child of being demonic

WINDHOEK - A female congregant at a local church was admitted at a psychiatric unit yesterday, following reports she abused her nine-year-old daughter purportedly because the child is apparently ‘possessed by demons’ and the woman has also been making death threats towards her daughter.


Mystery over decapacitated body on railway tracks

WINDHOEK - Namibian Police Regional Commander Commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa said a post-mortem will be carried out today to determine what caused the death of the woman whose headless body was found on the railway tracks near Game shopping centre on Friday.

Malicious social media post torments Avihe's family

WINDHOEK - “They keep tormenting me. Today is the 28th and [marks] seven months [since my daughter’s passing],”  said the  late Cheryl Avihe Ujaha’s mother about a post circulating on social media alleging that she has been arrested in connection with her death. 

Many GBV cases unsuccessfully prosecuted - Unicef

WINDHOEK - Although gender-based violence and violence against children is prevalent, only a fraction of these acts of violence are reported and of those cases reported to the police, many end up not being successfully prosecuted, says the Unicef country representative in Namibia.  


Ex-inmate homeless after shack demolition

WINDHOEK - A former inmate of the Windhoek Correctional Facility who was trying to get back on his feet claims he is destitute after the City of Windhoek property management division confiscated his corrugated-zinc shack about three weeks ago in Agste Laan.


AR gives City ultimatum

WINDHOEK - Affirmative Repositioning (AR) yesterday threatened that if the City of Windhoek continued demolishing houses of poor people, the movement and its supporters would retaliate.

Explicit social media posting rocks NDF

WINDHOEK - Minister of Defence Penda ya Ndakolo said he was not aware of an embarrassing post trending on social media involving two male members of Namibian Airforce who recorded themselves indulging in oral sex. 

ǀAsa !khōǁnâ-ūdadi ge ǂkhawadība !khō!nom ǁkhā

ǀAEǁGAMS – ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais ǀAwa!namn ge Aitsama ra Autos ǂAn!gâs !Gôasa Mû!ā tsî ǁgau (ANPR) ǀasa !khōǁnâ-ūdade ge mâi-ai!â. Nē kameradi ge ǁkhāti ǁnāti ī ǁkhāsiba ūhâ, auton hîa daob!norasasib !ûǂamdi tamas kai o nē tsi nau

Revolutionary cameras could stem crime tide

WINDHOEK - City Police has introduced an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras that is able to identify vehicles that are associated with traffic offenses or other crimes at their roadblocks.  

Police tight-lipped on Nedbank heist

WINDHOEK - Nedbank Namibia Limited says it will not disclose the amount stolen from its Otjiwarongo branch early Monday morning given the sensitivity of the investigations.