• September 17th, 2019
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POSTS BY Obrien Simasiku

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Sekondere ǁgau!nâs ge ǀoro ǀgôaxoaǂgāsa ra hō!â

 OMUTHIYAS – ǂAm !gôab di sekondere ǁgau!nâs ǀgôan xoaǂgādi, ge kai ǂâiǂhansens ase ī ǁnāpas ga ǀgapi xoaǂgāsens !gôagu Xrat 1 ǀgôan digu ǀkha a ǀgoweǀnōhe o tsî ǁnā-amaga ôa!gaosa ra ǂgan !urus nē !gomsib disa ǂanǂuis ase. 

21-year-old perishes in collision

OMUTHIYA - A 21-year-old driver succumbed to injuries sustained a day later when the Nissan pick-up with registration no N14391ND, he was driving rolled multiple times following a rear collision with a truck.


Secondary education experiences low intake

OMUTHIYA -The low-learner intake to secondary level education as opposed to higher enrolment of Grade 1, has become a cause of concern for the directorate of education in Oshikoto thus prompting a probe to determine the basis of variance.

Two pedestrians fatally injured in Oshikoto

OMUTHIYA -Two female pedestrians were fatally bumped over the weekend near Onathinge in the Oshikoto Region. While a woman and her one-year old became latest victims on Sunday when they fell off a moving vehicle in Omuthiya.


Investment conference to boost triangle towns

OMUTHIYA -An investment conference is mooted for Thursday in Tsumeb where the local authorities and business intellectuals from the three maize triangle towns will convene to discuss ways on how they can boost their development and economies.


27 face eviction from army ground

OMUTHIYA - The Ministry of Defence is set to evict several households and over 20 farmers whose cattle posts encroach into the army grounds between King Kauluma and Oshivelo in Oshikoto Region.  The area covers about 14 kilometres, locals say. 

Vehicle collision in Etosha leaves 13 injured

OMUTHIYA – Police in Oshikoto have opened a case of reckless and negligent driving, after two vehicles, a police Toyota Quantum minibus and a tourist Toyota double cab, collided head-on in Etosha National Park on Friday.


Rhino fatally bumped in Etosha

OMUTHIYA –  A rhino was fatally bumped by a vehicle driven by an employee of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). The incident happened about 10 kilometres from Namutoni on the road leading to King Nehale Gate in Etosha.