• July 12th, 2020

POSTS BY John Muyamba

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M-GEE holds ‘Black Lives Matter’ demo

RUNDU – Rundu-based local artist Thomas Lucas, also known as M-GEE, along with other fellow youth in pursuit of relevance recently held a peaceful solidarity demonstration to join the world on the ongoing demonstration of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign.


Blueberry harvest in full swing

MASHARE - Mashare irrigation project, which is being run by a local company, Konigstein Capital, on Friday started harvesting blueberries at the N$90 million plantation in the Kavango East region.

PDM bashes councillor accused of assault 

RUNDU - The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has condemned in the strongest terms the “criminal acts” of Rundu Rural constituency councillor who was last week granted bail in the local court after allegedly assaulting a pensioner. 


Pandemic delays naming of new chief 

RUNDU –  The vaGciriku royal family says the closure of national borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the process of nominating a new traditional leader.


10 000 tippy taps for informal settlers

Rundu informal settlement households will each get a tippy tap from the UNDP-funded program being implemented by a non-profit organisation called Development Workshop Namibia (DW), which will be donating 10 000 tippy taps to promote hygiene through handwashing.

Inmates repair broken school furniture 

RUNDU – Elizabeth Nepemba Correctional Facility in Kavango West region says it is pleased to assist nearby schools with restoring their damaged school chairs and desks without compensation with the help of offenders who are being taught basic vocational technical skills.


Corona blues for berries project

MASHARE – The prolonged global lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the multi-million-dollar blueberries project at Mashare in Kavango East. 

Public adhering to virus measures - CEO

NKURENKURU - The people of Nkurenkuru are relatively adhering to Covid-19 regulations, including the mandatory wearing of masks when in public, town CEO Petrus Sindimba said this week.