• June 16th, 2019
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POSTS BY John Muyamba

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Ausiku bemoans slow decentralisation

NKURENKURU - Kavango West Regional Governor Sirkka Ausiku, wants offices, ministries and agencies to speed up the decentralisation of their functions to regional councils to make service delivery effective.

Banker commits suicide over lover

RUNDU - A 30-year-old banker at Bank Windhoek Rundu branch reportedly committed suicide by hanging in the early hours of Tuesday at around 06h00 at Sauyemwa location, Rundu District, indicating in a suicide note that his lover should give reasons for his action.

Ministry initiates dignity project  for learners

RUNDU - Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Sanet Steenkamp says N$3.6 million will be spent on a dignity project whereby not only girls will benefit from sanitary pads but boys will also get to buy soap and other sanitary products to improve their hygiene.


Weather office planned for Rundu

RUNDU - The Ministry of Works and Transport, has handed over the site to its regional office for Meteorological Services in Rundu that has been standing incomplete to be renovated and completed in conformity with the minister’s wish.

Vatungimo kava gwene simpu moyihwa yompongasano

Rundu - Vaporosi moKavango zoutekero moutatu una puko kavagwanekerere nombudi zondona omu kavagwene simpu somugara ana dogoroka ntani sina  zonauka unene, simpu esi kavasigwene vantu ava kavazire vakapapare nongombe dawo kadizumbanene mevango lya Mbeyo eli lyakara asi lyompongasano omu ava zangura yikaramo. Egwano lyosimpu esi kwahorkere mouvali koyiha yono vili 07h0. “ 


Mpungu villagers without water

RUNDU - Mpungu villagers in Mpungu Constituency in Kavango West are enduring a shortage of water. Their livestock are  also affected as their community borehole constantly breaks down and relies on dinging earth dams known as “matope.”

Ombudsman opens office in Katima

RUNDU - The Ombudsman’s Office has opened a Zambezi Regional Office in Katima Mulilo along Ngoma Road, in the former Zambezi Regional Council Offices.

Defiant Sinimbo content being ordinary councillor

RUNDU - Former Rundu mayor Verna Sinimbo says she has not defied the Swapo Party constitution or the Local Authorities Act by not availing herself to serve on the management committee as she is at liberty to serve the town as an ordinary councillor.

Smuggler busted with 2 990 kg dagga

KAHENGE - A 36-year-old man was arrested allegedly for possession of dagga after police reportedly found him with 2 990 kg of cannabis worth an unspecified amount which he tried to smuggle from neighbouring Angola into Namibia in a dug-out canoe.