• April 21st, 2019
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POSTS BY Eveline de Klerk

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Government sets target for fish value addition

SWAKOPMUND -  Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau says the government is keen to ensure that at least 340 000 metric tons (MT) of 550 000 MT fish landings is processed  on shore and exported as high valued products to markets worldwide by 2022.


Persons of interest questioned in Nimt killings

WALVIS BAY – Several persons of interest, mostly employees of the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (Nimt), have been questioned since Monday by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region in connection with the brutal murders of the institute’s executive director and his deputy on Monday morning.


No arrest yet in Nimt’s cold-blooded killings

SWAKOPMUND – The Namibian police have launched a nationwide hunt for the killer of the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (Nimt) executive director Eckhart Mueller and his deputy Heimo Hellwig, who were heinously killed on Monday.


Mystery rocks Nimt as top two bosses killed

SWAKOPMUND – The mystery surrounding the sensational killings of Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (Nimt) executive director Eckhard Mueller and his deputy Heimo Hellwig was compounded by the fact that there was no arrest as of late yesterday. 


‘Namoysters’ highly sought-after

SWAKOPMUND- While Namibian oysters remain one of the most sought after culinary treats on the highly-competitive international mariculture markets, local producers are going at great lengths to meet the high demand.

Nēpas ose! … ǂKhîo!nâsiba ǂkhawusa ǁkhāsiba ūhâ Braziliaba xu ra ǂgâxa-ūhe ani!ân ǂnamipe

!GOMENǁGAMS – ǁAma-aona ra ǂgaoǂgao!nâ Rob Parkeri ge ra mî, ǁaeb go a  ǁhâsa ǂhanub nî Namibiaǁîna ǁkhaubasa Brazila xu ra ǂ gâxa-ūhe ani!ân !oagu, nēs ge ǂurusib !harib ai ǀgui hâ tama hâ ǂganǀgaub tsîna !khōǂgā hâ. ǁÎb ge !gâi tama ǀgaub hîab Brazila ǂoaǂamsa !ân anin dina ū-oa tsî ani!aogu, aniǂaidi tsî ǀnî hâ ǁgaiǁgaibe !âna ra ǂgâxa-ūba ǀau tsî ra mî nēs ǁkhāti ǂurusiba ǁkhōǁkhōsasib !nâ mâis ǀguis ose xawe !hū!nāsi aniǂharuguga ra !gamsa. 


100 houses up for grabs at Walvis

WALVIS BAY - The Walvis Bay Municipality says that it currently has about a 100 unoccupied houses in Kuisebmond and Narraville that were built through the affordable housing programme at the town.


Nimt blasted for failing to submit report

SWAKOPMUND – The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chief executive officer Paulus Noa says some board directors collect sitting fees but fail to carry out their full mandate especially when it comes to the investigation of corruption and other irregularities at their institution.

N$500 000 worth of meat burns to ashes

SWAKOPMUND - Meat and meat products worth around N$500 000 were reduced to ashes yesterday just before lunchtime when a refrigerated truck broke out in flames  about 30 kilometres on the way to Swakopmund.