• April 8th, 2020

POSTS BY Strauss Lunyangwe

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Namibian students share lockdown experience in America

Students studying in the United States (US) narrated how life is for them during the lockdown in their cities. Alvine Kapitako, a former employee of New Era, told Youth Corner that all their classes are online for the rest of the semester. ‘’The decision was made three weeks ago.


Chubby Beats seeks management

An artist is as strong as the team he has behind him, as the saying goes. Chubby Beats, real name Toto Ndameshimebetter, has been managing his career since mid-2019 when he went independent.


Adora hosts Die Eintlike Vibe show

All-round accomplished singer Lilani Kisting, also known as Adora, is not slowing down, as the year progresses. She has just been revealed as a presenter for a new music show called Die Eintlike Vibe, which just premiered on One Africa Television this week. 


Quido the man behind BLVD Fest

Former 061 front man Le-Roy Vladimir Mohamed popularly known as Quido in the music circles, has been making sure business thrives in this ever competing market.


COTA concert underway

The second instalment of the College of the Arts (COTA) Concert Week will kick off today at their campus in town at 19:00.


Adora catches flak over tribal remarks

Most Disciplined Artist of the Year (2017) Adora Kisting recently got tongues wagging when she said artists from the south of the country are unprofessional and drunkards compared to others.